First time in Las Vegas? Things that can surprise you

When you say Vegas, you say the Sin City. It can offer you everything you want. But, we should start with the beginning, travelling to Las Vegas is a risky business, because a place like this can impact your integrity and character. 

First time in Las Vegas? Things that can surprise you
When in Vegas, sometimes people make decisions they regret afterwards. If you are weak in front of temptations, maybe Las Vegas is not the right destination for you. Las Vegas is a paradise for every traveler, especially for the first time ones. Here are some of the world’s most unforgettable restaurants, shops, and other tourist attractions. It does not matter what your budget is, there are options for everyone.
Las Vegas has the power to surprise even the seasoned travelers. In this article, you will find out some things that can surprise you, and that can influence your experience in the Sin City.

You are allowed to smoke

Almost everywhere around the world, venues are doing their best to ban smoking indoors. But, when in Vegas, you will be surprised to see that indoor venues allow their clients to smoke inside, especially if we are talking about casinos. When it comes to the hotels, if they do not allow their guests to smoke indoors, they designed rooms especially for this purpose. When you enter casinos, bars, and other similar facilities you have the impression that you are in an Australian pub in the ‘90s.

Drinking is allowed even on the streets

Yes, this is a pleasant surprise for the people who come to Las Vegas with the purpose to have fun and to party. Actually, in the USA there are numerous states and places where drinking on the streets is allowed. In the Sin City, you can drink on the streets anywhere, so you should do your best not to look surprised when you first land there.

Tourists everywhere are walking with their plastic glasses, and drinking their favorite booze. Every first time traveler to Vegas should know that on Las Vegas Boulevard you are not allowed to drink from a bottle or glass; you will have to opt for the plastic INSERT ment.

First time in Las Vegas? Things that can surprise you
First time in Las Vegas? Things that can surprise you

You need to be 21 if you want to drink in Vegas

Well, this is one of the laws that have to be followed almost everywhere in the USA. If you want to buy alcohol, you need to be 21. Also, if you are under this age you can expect casinos to not allow you to enter. Make sure you have your ID, especially if you are the type of person who looks younger than their age. At every bar and casino entrance guards will check your ID, so this should not be a surprise for you.

The casinos usually give gamblers complimentary drinks. Why do they do this? Well, there is a theory behind this strategy, if they let you lose on drinks, then you will spend more than you have planned at poker or tables, and the casino will gain income. But be careful, because if you use alcohol to excess you can develop an addiction. Young people are easily predisposed to become addicted to alcohol or substances and the only way to regain their sobriety is to get into a holistic healing center.

People forget they are married

When in the Sin City there are great opportunities for you to cheat on your partner, so you will have to arm yourself, and make sure that you can resist temptation. The last thing you want is to lose your better half because of a trip to Vegas. If you want to make sure that, you will maintain your integrity you should ask your partner to join you in your trip. If they are not able to accompany you, you should make sure that you wear your ring, especially if you are married.  When someone seems interested in you, and they start flirting with you, you can use your left hand for some activity near your face, and in this way, you show them your marital status.

Expect to see people dressed pretty ugly

Why should people pay attention to what they wear when their only purpose is to have fun? They want to wear comfortable clothes that offer them the possibility to move easily, and to stay active. No one will dress like Bradley Cooper in The Hangover. You should take your coolest outfits from home only if you plan to enter the most fashionable clubs from Vegas. However, if your budget does not allow you to put these destinations on your list, then there is no use to dress fashionably. No one cares about your outfits!

It is hot, and then it is freezing, and then it is hot again

First time in Las Vegas? Things that can surprise you
First time in Las Vegas? Things that can surprise you

In case you are bad at geography, Las Vegas is located in a desert, so yes there are great chances you to feel like in a stove. The hotels, bars, casinos, and other similar places have air conditioning, but when outdoors you should expect to sweat a lot. Another reason to choose comfort instead of fashion. However, Vegas has also seen snow several times, and during the winter months, you can expect to experience temperatures lower than 14 degrees. So, if you plan to visit the Sin City during the cold season, then you should make sure that you pack some clothes that will keep you warm.

These are only some of the things that can surprise a first time traveler in Vegas. Be prepared, because the city is ready to offer you the time of your life.