Top 5 Things to Do in Las Vegas for Singles

Carved out of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas has been enticing visitors to its bright lights, captivating shows, and alluring gambling dens for decades. If you’ve met someone special on a singles dating site, and looking for a romantic break, there are few locations to rival ‘Sin City’ for 24-hour excitement.  With so many places to visit, how on earth do you narrow down the possibilities? Here are five of the most recommended things to do in Las Vegas.

Visit America’s Eiffel Tower

Rising 165-meters above Las Vegas Strip, this replica of the iconic Paris landmark also hosts a hotel and a casino. This gaudy imitation of the French original offers unforgettable views over the city – at nighttime, the endless sprawl of flashing lights and neon displays is particularly riveting. After you’ve spent time soaking up the wonderful scenery, booking a table at the restaurant will present you with an array of mouth-watering delights. Once you’ve treated your partner to a romantic view of Las Vegas and wined and dined the rest of the evening away, what else could you possibly do to surpass the evening’s entertainment? Why, you can get married in this venue, too!

Mouth-melting delights at Lotus of Siam

Las Vegas has so many outlets where you and your partner could enjoy everything from a feast worthy of royalty to tasty takeaways, but one spot you should definitely try fitting into your itinerary is Lotus Siam. Dedicated to cuisine from northern Thailand, what can be guaranteed is how spellbound you’ll be by the range of dishes highlighted by the extensive menu. At the last count, this fabulous restaurant was offering over 150 Thai dishes to choose from. Popular amongst the starters are drunken noodle prawns, followed by Khao Soi, a beautiful meal consisting of crispy duck served on noodles, garnished in curry sauce, sliced red onions, lime, and pickled vegetables. And that’s just the tip of a culinary iceberg.

Head into the desert

When you feel like taking a break from the non-stop action in the city, there are many romantic scenic locations within an hour’s drive. You could book a tour of the jaw-dropping Hoover Dam, featured in movies such as Con Air, Godzilla, San Andreas, and Mars Attacks! The 221-meter high dam looks even more spectacular when it’s floodlit after the sun has sunk into the desert. There are also hiking opportunities in the Gold Strike Hot Springs, or for more intrepid couples, skiing in Mount Charleston.

Take the world’s highest ride

A fantastic activity for any romantically-inclined couple is to take a spin on the High Roller, the huge Ferris wheel located on Las Vegas Strip. At a mind-boggling 158.5-meters high, this will provide a vertigo-challenging cruise over the city, giving breathtaking views over the surrounding desert. The 28 cabins are designed for comfort, and at night the structure is illuminated by dazzling light displays.

Vegas from the sky

Finally, if you want to conclude your trip to Las Vegas with an experience which will truly linger in your memories, take a helicopter tour. Departing from a central terminal, following a champagne send-off, Maverick Helicopter Tours will transport you to the Grand Canyon. Wraparound windows afford unbelievable views of the city’s myriad lights and the surrounding Mojave desert, descending 3,500 feet (1,066 meters) to land on a private platform. Individual headsets allow you to pick up the pilot’s commentary throughout the tour, and the cabin is specially insulated to reduce the propeller noise. Once you’re back on terra firma, you can purchase a souvenir DVD of your romantic trip.