Health Care Attorney Named to Clark County Medical Society Alliance Board

Health Care Attorney Named to Clark County Medical Society Alliance Board
Ayesha Mehdi JD, MHSA
(principal attorney, Frontier Health Law, and of-counsel, Frier Levitt) has been named to the board of directors for the Clark County Medical Society Alliance

“I believe Las Vegas has a bright future, not only in becoming a leader in healthcare law but on the whole,” she said.

Mehdi’s diligent pursuit of advanced knowledge and high level of professionalism and ethics have ensured that the clients she represents on such matters as regulatory compliance, business development and matter of general counsel are given peace of mind allowing them to do what they do best, which is practice medicine and ultimately save lives.

“Compliance and patient satisfaction are top-of-mind for the majority of physicians and professionals in the healthcare industry. It is of the utmost importance to me to provide a clear and systematic path that allows both for growth and peace of mind,” she said.

Since moving to Las Vegas nearly nine years ago, Ayesha Mehdi has been proactive in the Las Vegas community. When not immersed in her practice and client care, Mehdi volunteers her time at various local community events and organizations, including the Children’s Attorney Project of the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and the Clark County Medical Society Alliance.

Additionally, valuing the influence of professors who positively impacted her career path, Mehdi has taught legal courses at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she encouraged students to explore their own paths as they developed their careers.

Mehdi strives to be a role model for many young women and informally serves as a mentor to her former students who often contact her to seek professional or personal advice.

A respected writer in her field, Mehdi has contributed to industry-specific publications.

In January 2019, Mehdi will present on legal issues pertaining to medical practices for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), and in February, she will be amongst the highly reputable speakers at the American Health Lawyers Association’s (AHLA) Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute.

About Frontier Health Law:
Ayesha Mehdi folded her passion for healthcare and her previous experience managing a cancer clinic into her present practice where she focuses her expertise in the areas of healthcare related Business and Corporate Law, as well as regulatory compliance, including Federal Stark and Fraud and Abuse Laws.