4 Important Tips For Those Planning To Visit Las Vegas

Nearly 43 million tourists visit Las Vegas each year. Gambling is still at the top of the list of reasons for people to visit Sin City. However, the number of cannabis dispensaries in and around the Las Vegas area burgeoning, with Las Vegas granting 61 additional dispensary licenses before the first of the year. 

With well over 60 dispensaries in the Las Vegas area, it’s obvious cannabis tourism is poised to explode in the region in 2019.

Other reasons people venture to the Clark County area include the Hoover Dam, Neon Museum, as well as the numerous festivals and conventions.

Whatever the reason for travelling to Las Vegas, it’s well advised to follow these [number] tips throughout your stay in the “City of Lights.”

1. Walk Only in Places Designated for Pedestrians

Las Vegas may have only 650,000 residents, but with tens of millions of tourists traveling through the Clark County annually, it can be quite a hectic place.

Las Vegas is inherently a party town, which means lots of inebriated partiers are out and about at all times of the day and night.

Unfortunately, many of them choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol, resulting in 309 DUI fatalities in Nevada in 2017.

According to the Law Office of Matthew L. Sharp, “the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that a pedestrian is killed every 1.6 hours in the United States.”

Additionally, approximately 15 percent of traffic fatalities are pedestrian deaths.

2. Find Out Which Neighborhoods to Avoid

Before you venture out and start touring the Las Vegas, learn which neighborhoods and areas to avoid. The best way to find this out is from the police.

Although city officials have been cracking down on crime, Las Vegas is home to numerous active gangs.

For the most part, gang members don’t bother people in known tourist spots, but anyone who accidentally finds themselves in their territory is at risk.

Las Vegas gangs name themselves after the neighborhoods or streets they claim to control.

Since these places are where they commit their crimes, look up the neighborhoods you intend to visit before you go.

3. Avoid Buying Things From Street Vendors

Don’t purchase anything from Las Vegas street vendors. Not all vendors are crooks; however, there are plenty of scammers active in and around the city looking to take advantage of unwitting travelers.

You should be especially aware of people selling beverages, VIP passes, and event tickets on the street.

Don’t drink too much alcohol while you’re out and about, nor leave your drinks unattended for even a second.

Criminals like to drug people by slipping substances in their victims drink so that it’s easier to rob them.

4. Know How to Travel Around Las Vegas Safely

Las Vegas is home to an enormous amount of sophisticated hotel complexes, making it relatively safe to get from place to place.

If you okay using shuttle vans or buses, monorails, and hired cars like Uber, the chances of running into trouble are nearly null.

But if you’re someone who likes to control your schedule and thus rent a car to get around then follow these tips:

  • Use GPS so you don’t get lost
  • If you get lost, only stop and ask directions at businesses
  • Women should ask security to accompany them to parking lots at night
  • When stopped at stop signs or red lights, leave a large enough space between you and the car in front of yours so that you can pull around them and escape if you feel threatened
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Never give people you don’t know a ride.