Three Square Food Bank Provides Assistance to Government Employees During Shutdown

Three Square Food Bank Provides Assistance to Government Employees During Shutdown
On Tuesday afternoon, Three Square Food Bank responded to a request for assistance from the local TSA Council and delivered more than 400 bags of dry, shelf-stable food, along with water and hygiene products to TSA employees. The TSA recipients are among thousands of federal employees in Nevada who are required to work during the partial government shutdown without a guaranteed paycheck. 

Three Square is seeing an increase in demand for food assistance from families and individuals who are experiencing hardships due to the government shutdown. The organization anticipates further need as furloughed federal employees and contractors miss paychecks, and the impact on household budgets continue for potentially many months after the loss of funds.

“Hundreds of thousands of federal employees, including local TSA workers, missed their first paychecks during the government shutdown last Friday and many of them are finding themselves in unfamiliar circumstances,” said Brian Burton, president and CEO of Three Square. “Hunger does not discriminate and oftentimes affects individuals when they least expect it. As Southern Nevada’s largest hunger relief organization, Three Square exists to help as many individuals facing food insecurity in our community as possible. We want these employees to know that we are here to help.”

Local businesses in Nevada are reaching out to assist, including Nevada State Bank, which has donated a sum of $10,000 that will go toward providing food assistance for federal employees. Businesses looking to provide financial support can contact: Michelle Beck, Three Square’s Chief Development Officer at 702-644-3663 x303.

“We feel that it is our responsibility to support Three Square as they work to aid those in need during this shutdown,” said Terry Shirey, president and CEO of Nevada State Bank. “As a community leader, we want to do what we can to help our fellow Nevadans weather these trying times.”

Last week, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced they are providing states with continued funding of federal nutrition programs through February. Important benefits such as SNAP, WIC, and school meals will continue until the end of February for families and individuals who need assistance.

Nationwide, more than 473,000 federal workers are furloughed or working without pay during the shutdown. Statewide, 3,450 Nevadans are not receiving paychecks, including 1,100 local TSA workers.

Federal workers seeking assistance during this time are urged to contact Three Square Food Bank at (702) 644-3663.