Gift an Experience with Flower Republic

Gift an Experience with Flower Republic
With Valentine’s Day coming up, here is a great website for anyone who’s trying to wow their significant other this year, especially if they’re a fan of unique floral arrangements. 

Flower Republic is a company that delivers freshly picked flower bouquets to your loved ones with the click of a button.


Flower Republic is based in the South American country of Ecuador. The people over at Flower Republic send their bouquets directly from their farm in the middle of the Andes to your door in only four days. And you get a variety of beautiful flowers, roses and arrangements to choose from, all in striking colors you couldn’t even dream of. It’s like nothing you’ll ever see at your regular flower shops.

Packaging is an important part of the experience when purchasing something, and Flower Republic doesn’t disappoint. You’ll get your flower order in beautiful wooden boxes which make it a very luxurious experience and an incredible gift for Valentine’s or any occasion.

If you’re looking to indulge on these exotic flowers for yourself, there is a subscription option where you can get different kinds of bouquets delivered all year long. You choose the frequency and they’ll surprise you each time with a colorful arrangement to brighten up any room.

All of this makes it sound like it would be very expensive but since you’re getting your flowers directly from the source, and there’s no middle man involved, the prices are much cheaper than most in the market. The quality, design, and experience that Flower Republic offers would be worth a fortune elsewhere, so you’re really getting a great deal.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to and get your loved ones – or yourself- a truly special floral arrangement.