Max Pawn Offers 5 Tips for Purchasing Secondhand Items

Max Pawn Offers 5 Tips for Purchasing Secondhand ItemsIf you’re looking to save money, buying a Valentine’s gift at a pawn shop or other resale shop can be a good option. Max Pawn offers luxury goods including jewelry and designer handbags among its inventory, selling both in store and online. 

James McCracken, store manager of the Las Vegas-based pawn shop, offers five tips for purchasing secondhand items:

  1. Make sure you’re paying the right price. Often on resale websites, items can be priced higher than retail. “We come across people all the time who find out after they make their secondhand purchase that they could have actually spent less money if they purchased the item brand new at retail value,” McCracken said. “Do your online research and homework to make sure you’re buying with the true wholesale value.”
  2. Only buy authentic. “Sometimes when people buy secondhand they get carried away with the great deals they find on the internet. In most cases, the price is too good to be true. You wouldn’t find a brand new Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag on the internet for $250. This is a clear indication that the item is most likely a replica.”
  3. Before giving any credit card information, make sure that the website is legitimate and the items you’re buying are authentic. Always ask questions! The more you ask, the more confidence you can have buying secondhand items in-store or online.
  4. Verify condition. Pictures can be deceiving on the internet. “Make sure that there are several actual photos for the item you are thinking about purchasing. When buying an item secondhand it is crucial that you verify condition.”
  5. Ask about the return policy. “Depending on the return policy, you will likely get stuck with an item that isn’t in the condition you hoped it would be.”

Max Pawn won the Outstanding Pawn Industry Image Award in 2018. Visit for more information on the shop, which is located at 6040 West Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas. Max Pawn also offers on-demand authentication of luxury merchandise through Entrupy.