Great Career-Focused Conferences to Attend in 2019

One of the significant activities any career professional or entrepreneur is to join professional career-focused conferences. 

It’s commonly known among seasoned professionals that attending such conferences is an excellent way to get exposure and to learn about the latest ideas, studies, and trends in your industry.

You can also take advantage of face-to-face interactions with others in your field, especially from leaders who can be a mentor or offer valuable advice.

If you’re living in or planning on visiting the Las Vegas area in 2019, here are a few of the biggest conferences to check out while you’re here.

ASCM 2019 | September 16-18

In 2018, the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) launched, but the full launching starts this year in Las Vegas.

The ASCM is a new global leader in the organizational transformation of the supply chain sector, bringing with it innovation and leadership.

According to Business Wire, the ASCM “is an all-encompassing supply chain organization that will propel the supply chain industry forward and transform how organizations do business.”

The ASCM conference starts on September 16 through 18. This will be their flagship conference, featuring supply chain professionals from all over the world.

If you’re someone working in or looking to take classes for logistics, then this conference is a must attend.

PIZZA EXPO 2019 | March 4-7

If you’re in the pizza making business, what better expo to attend than the 2019 Pizza expo?

Even if you’re not in the industry, with hundreds of free samples being handed out, it’s a great place to be for some free pizza.

According to the organizers, the Pizza Expo has been put together to recognize the awesome talent and drive put forth by the new generation of pizza-minded entrepreneurs.

Both Pizza Today and the leaders of the Pizza Expo went around the nation searching for the best and brightest pizzeria owners and operators under the age of 40 and asked them to join this year’s expo to share their knowledge and expertise in the industry.

They also nominated three pizza entrepreneurs to give 15-minute talks “about their companies and business philosophies,” according to Pizza Today. Those three nominees will be:

  • Mitch Rotolo, Jr., Rotolo’s Craft & Crust, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Alex Koons, Purgatory Pizza, Los Angeles, CA
  • Rita Halkias, Cheshire Pizza & Ale, Cheshire, CT


The IndieWise Team recently announced it’s conducting its six-day convention on September 24 through 29. Attendees will be able to screen over 500 independently created films.

This event is expected to attract around 1,200 or more filmmakers, industry professionals, artists, and lovers of art from over 80 countries.

If you’re looking for a time of your life, this is the convention to attend for sure.

If you decide to attend, it will run you between $99 to $1,949 and can expect:

  • Filmmaker Q&As
  • Blue Carpet Photo Ops
  • Prize Giveaways
  • A Dinner & Awards Gala
  • 1-on 1 Pitch Sessions to Distributors
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Interactive Guest Speakers
  • Film Industry Workshops & Master Classes
  • Talent Show with Live Performances
  • Pool Parties, Networking
  • Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon Tours
  • Movie Theater Screenings