Delano Las Vegas Presents “Yokoso Las Vegas” by Internationally Renowned Artist Sush Machida

Delano Las Vegas Presents "Yokoso Las Vegas" by Internationally Renowned Artist Sush Machida
Delano Las Vegas’
commitment to art is reflected in the resort’s new solo presentation by internationally recognized artist Sush MachidaYokoso Las Vegas. On view from March 13 through June 12, Machida’s 6-work installation will be the featured work within the Delano Art Series, a rotating exhibition platform shining a spotlight on local and regional artists.  

“Las Vegas is one of the youngest major cities in the United States, and as a 20-year resident, I am grateful to be a part of the history and evolution of the destination,” said Sush Machida. “I also am honored to support the city’s community and work together with Delano Las Vegas to make this city more culturally sophisticated and enriched.”

Born in Japan, Machida moved to the United States in 1992 to attend college, receiving his MFA from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His works combine the aesthetics of Modern Art, Pop Art, traditional Japanese symmetry and animal patterns to create vibrant, abstract linework that merge Eastern and Western themes. Working in layers of color and hand-painted wood grain, Machida uses the technique of graffiti-tagging to fuse his paintings with organic, natural designs in kaleidoscopic combinations addressing a larger sense of order and confronting nature and culture by unifying them. The artist transforms a frenzy of lines and images into formal compositions that are both lyrical and complex; each painting brought together by the balance of its symbols.

Tarissa Tiberti, executive director of MGM Resorts Art & Culture, said, “Delano Las Vegas has established itself as an artistic destination. Delano Art Series highlights our community of talented artists by showcasing their incredible works to guests visiting from around the world. We are excited to feature Sush Machida’s work, as the bright colors are a beautiful juxtaposition to the Mojave Desert landscape that Delano Las Vegas is inspired by.” 

Along Delano’s elevator wall, guests will discover Vegas (2019), a large-scale, 7-panel painting of waves and clouds. Created exclusively for this installation, Machida designed the canvas’ outer form through the process of writing and outlining the word “Vegas” in a bubble fashion resembling a cloud. Soothing yet energizing, its suggestion of natural motifs and the combination of glowing pigments produces a dynamic effect that emphasizes the collision of Machida’s distinct influences.

Other works on view will envelop viewers in the rhythmic environment of his lively paintings, such as Yokoso (2017) and Seventeen (2009). In these paintings, Machida achieves a consistent sense of undulation through repeated use of precise, hard-edged lines. Collating each mark into a larger composition, specific moments of restraint complement the overall fluidity of each piece.

In addition to Yokoso Las Vegas at Delano, a retrospective titled 20 Years in Las Vegas is on view at the Sahara West Library through April 27.

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