Tips for Saving in Vegas

After a short trip to Vegas, most people will agree that this city is a very expensive place to live. It is possible for two people to pay $200 for lunch, $500 for dinner and then pay up to $30 for an alcoholic slush pina colada flavor. A week in Vegas could bankrupt someone.

Casinos certainly are the best known face of Vegas, inspiring one of the best US gambling sites, but the tips below have nothing to do with casinos. So, if the casino continues to make you lose money rather than make you win or you just want to return from your trip in good financial (and therefore mental) health, here are some tips:

1. In Las Vegas, it’s hot (at least in summer). So you will need to drink water and that, the retailers clearly understand. At $5.75 for a liter of water, you will weigh the pros and cons of whether you should grab a drink from the Bellagio fountains instead of paying the price. And do not try to find drinking fountains in hotels … fountains were clearly not invented in Las Vegas. So the trick is to buy the $1 water bottles that traveling salespeople will offer you when you cross between two hotels or when you cross the Strip.

2. You can’t buy beverages or food and store them in the mini fridge in your hotel room. Oh no, no! This mini fridge is not for your own needs, but indeed for the urgent need of the hotel to sell you overpriced alcohol and peanuts! Most hotels have a policy about it and may charge you up to $50 if you try to put the effects that belong to you in the fridge, all because the chips will have detected movement.

3. Considering that cantaloupes will cost you $50 if you haven’t been listening, you will probably want to save on restaurant meals which are, outside McDonald’s, quite expensive.

4. When Vegas says party, you’ll probably want to do sip your little drink while strolling on the Strip. Do not be tempted to stop in the first open bar you see. Why pay $10 for a beer in a bar when you can have exactly the same beer at $4 in the hotel’s convenience store. It’s shocking!  All hotels have their own small shops that will sell you all kinds of refreshments and snacks (including alcohol) much cheaper than in bars or restaurants.

Same for Walgreen’s and CVS stores, where you’ll find everything you need at a lower price (snacks, drinks, including alcohol, souvenirs, etc.).

5. Vegas also has shows and activities. If you want to see shows and do activities without ruining yourself, visit one of Tix4tonight’s ticket booths (tickets for tonight). The ten windows of the company open at 9:30 and sell tickets for shows and activities that will take place the same day. Cirque du Soleil at 35% off or tickets in the fourth row for Celine Dion at $50. It feels good!

However expensive Las Vegas is, it remains one of the most anticipated cities to visit. Casinos, glittering hotels and star-studded shows can’t be forgotten!