Essay on Why Las Vegas is a Great Place to Live

Everyone knows Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world and a center of entertainment. From the spectacular shows from famous artists in residence to the towering casinos that line the famous Las Vegas strip, the city has something for everybody. But Las Vegas is also a great place to live and work, even if you’re not a huge fan of gambling. If you’re looking for a place to relocate, Las Vegas has some excellent opportunities that might just entice you to make this desert paradise your next home. Let’s take a look at some of the best aspects of living in Las Vegas with the top 8 reasons you’ll want to consider moving to Sin City.

  • All Your Friends and Relatives Will Want to Come Visit. If you find it hard to convince your friends and family to come visit you in your current cold, wet, and crowded city or your middle of nowhere small town, you won’t have that problem if you live in Las Vegas. The city is a magnet for tourists, and even the most jaded friends and family wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to combine a visit with a mini-vacation to the best hotels and casinos in America.
  • There Is Always Something for You to Do. The top complaint that residents have in cities across the country is that there is nothing to do other than go to bars. But in Las Vegas there is more to do than almost anywhere else. Las Vegas is a 24-hour town, so you will have constant access to world-class cuisine, national-quality shows, indoor and outdoor sports, and more!
  • An Easy Commute Wherever You Live. Las Vegas is located close to prime destinations, including Los Angeles, Arizona, and Utah. It takes just 45 minutes to fly to L.A. from Vegas, and the open road will take you to spectacular natural wonders across the desert southwest in no time at all. If you love driving, the Las Vegas area offers prime open road.
  • Awesome weather. Las Vegas is one of the sunniest places on the planet, with more than 300 days of sunshine and average temperatures in the 70s-80s. If you’re tired of clouds and rain, you’ll love the warm and sunny weather. Best of all, Las Vegas has low humidity year-round, so even when it gets hot, the air never feels uncomfortably sticky.
  • A Calm Climate. It’s true that Las Vegas is hot and dry, but it is also a great place to stay clear of natural disasters. The Las Vegas area is largely free from earthquakes and tornadoes and doesn’t have wildfires, hurricanes, or blizzards. If you can stand a little wind, you’ll find that Las Vegas has one of the least volatile climates.
  • Great Outdoor Adventures. Wherever you go in and around Las Vegas, there are terrific opportunities for the outdoorsy type. Within a few hours’ drive of Las Vegas, you’ll find seven national parks, including both the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, and less than half an hour from the town is an exceptional rock climbing destination at Red Rock Canyon.
  • World-Class Food. For a long time, the only place to experience world-class dining was in one of the great entertainment capitals of the world, but Las Vegas now gives you access to some of the best dining on earth. Famous chefs from across the country and around the world have Las Vegas restaurants, including TV icons Gordon Ramsay and Giada de Laurentiis. When you dine in Las Vegas, you can go on a tour of the very best food in the world, all without leaving home.
  • Low Cost of Living. From a practical point of view, Las Vegas is also a relatively inexpensive place to live. If you complain about high taxes where you currently live, try Nevada where there is no state income tax. As a result, you’ll save money living and working in Las Vegas. With low taxes, you’ll likely be able to afford to buy your own home or upgrade to a much larger one.

With all the great advantages of living in Las Vegas, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the move sooner. So if you are in the market for a new place to live, give Las Vegas a chance before you make your next move and start the next phase of your adventure in life.

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