Macau vs Las Vegas: Which Casino Paradise Would You Choose?

Until recently, when you think of the gambling paradise on Earth, the first city that would probably cross your mind is Las Vegas. Be that as it may, there is a new sheriff in town, and it’s threatening to take its place as the gambling capital of the world.

The Chinese gambling Mecca has already eclipsed Vegas in terms of sums wagered, but has it truly surpassed the iconic gambling paradise? According to Casino Sites, the tides have indeed turned, and Macau has become the largest gambling hub in the world.

Facilities and Services

Although geographically smaller than Vegas (more than three times), Macau has over 30 million visitors pouring in every year, most of which (two-thirds) come from mainland China. That’s over 20 million gamblers pouring huge amounts of cash into Macau’s gaming industry. On the other hand, its counterpart in Nevada receives over 42 million visitors every year.

Whenever you travel to a new city, chances are you are going to book a room at a hotel. Interestingly, most people who travel to Las Vegas stay in a hotel, typically for a minimum of 2-3 days, while in Macau only 50% of the visitors stay overnight.

As a result, Macau has over 75 hotels with a total of 30,000 guests rooms which is on par with the Sin City that is short of 17,000. However, with over 150,000 hotel rooms available in Vegas, it still offers a far greater range of accommodation than its Asian counterpart, though rent prices in Macau are 8.86% higher than in Las Vegas.

At the same time, restaurant prices in Macau are 34.17% lower than in Las Vegas, which is one of the main reasons why average cost of living per person is more than twice expensive in the Sin City.

Gaming Establishments

Interestingly enough, Las Vegas has twice the number of Macau casinos, more than 104 in comparison to 49. Despite this, Macau attracts more than three times the amount of gambling revenue of Las Vegas. Also, casinos in Macau are double the size compared to those in Las Vegas with two of the largest casinos in the world being the Venetian (Macau) and Wynn (Macau).


Macau doesn’t provide the same electrifying experience like Vegas. Gambling in Macau is serious while gambling in Vegas more for fun. Alcohol is not allowed at the casinos in Macau, and smoking is allowed only in certain lounges. It’s a great city for serious casino frequenters who wish to enjoy a sophisticated casino experience.

On the other hand, party lovers will enjoy Las Vegas as the city’s casinos are filled with restaurants, bars, show kitchens, theaters, and other entertainment spaces. It’s loud, bright, and wildly fun.

Both cities feature some of the finest restaurants with world famous chefs.

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