Avi Ben Ezra Says the Hotel Industry Is About to Benefit From Chatbots

Avi Ben Ezra Says the Hotel Industry Is About to Benefit From Chatbots
Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO of SnatchBot, says the hotel industry is about to benefit from Chatbots (Pictured: Avi Ben Ezra – Photo credit: avibenezra.com

  • As Vegas hotels feel a squeeze from Airbnb, lower cost models through chatbots is one of the steps to be taken.
  • The growth of omni-channel communication requires better integrated solutions.  

A global player in technology and AI weighed in on ways in which the hotel sector can streamline it’s overheads and provide a better service. Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO of SnatchBot, said “the improvements we made for the Hotel industry in other states and countries around the world, serves as a template also for establishments here in Vegas to be more competitive”.

Companies now deploy chatbots at record rates, especially since the chatbot revolution has been spurred by lower entry costs. SnatchBot has bots specifically for hotels, tourism, government, banking and a range of industries. Getting the most out of a chatbot will help to let consumers, especially demanding tourists, feel they get the best service. Below are some ways in which operators are delivering a first-class experience:

They are all active on the messenger app

Over recent years mobile messaging apps were gaining in popularity, spurring demand for an omni-channel solution. They are used far more than any other popular applications and this is naturally providing marketers with attractive options. Extensive research has revealed that messaging apps have in a very short time doubled their retention rate. The retention rate of messaging apps is almost 70% while it is less than 40% for other applications. The conclusion is inescapable and that is people who maintain a presence on some kind of messenger app by making use of a chatbot can save themselves a lot of money. They will also be accessible to their loyal supporters 24 hours a day. It has also been noted that downloads for many standard apps are on the decrease. There are increasing numbers of users which Is now turning their attention to messenger app platforms. Increasing numbers of people are also now paying a lot more attention to the benefits which can be derived from using a chatbot.

Effectively managing all those leads

Businesses should really take a closer look at all of the information which is collected from customers by your chatbot. This can allow a business to create customized messaging. This can be effectively used to guide the consumer as they progress along what is known as the buyer’s journey. Using a chatbot can help to ensure that your customer is moving ever closer to the point where they will make a purchase. In this way, it is possible to achieve substantially higher conversion rates. Every action which the business might take must be planned very carefully. It is especially important not to use customized messaging in such a way that it might cause annoyance among loyal customers. And in everything there should be a well-maintained balance. One useful strategy will be to do A/B testing to look at the effectiveness of your customized messages. This could also give you a better idea of exactly what types of copy is providing your business with the best results.

Effective use of consumer feedback

One of the best ways to increase traffic to a website or a social media profile is to encourage consumer engagement. Chatbots is perfect in this regard and can really help the business to more effectively reach out to customers. This can be accomplished simply by asking simple questions and then to carefully look at the feedback which is received. This has been found to be a highly effective strategy which is especially beneficial when it comes to website optimization. Having all of that valuable consumer feedback can help a business to identify low converting pages as quickly as possible. Those problems can then be quickly fixed and in this way, it is possible to improve the effectiveness of your website. There are many businesses that have landing pages which regularly receive very large numbers of organic traffic. Even so that business is experiencing very low buying rates. It is now entirely possible to employ your chatbot by using it to launch a survey. This could help to gather information which can give your business insight as to why so many people leave the website without making a purchase.

Chatbots and proactive customer interaction

A little research will quickly indicate the fact that most brands will mostly make use of passive customer interaction. This simply means that they will only respond to customers and they will never take the first step to encourage interaction. This is simply not a good strategy. Endlessly waiting for customers to initiate contact will not help to increase purchases. This is why businesses should find a way to reach out in such a way that the customer will not be offended. Once again making use of a Chatbot has been found to be excellent when it comes to those proactive engagements with customers. It will mostly be best to start on a small scale. Your Chatbot may simply ask whether the customer requires any kind of assistance. In most cases that will create an impression in the customer that your brand is interested in them and is always available to provide assistance when needed. This alone will already do a lot to change the customer’s preconceived ideas about your brand or business.


Lowering the cost base of an industry is often a first step towards becoming more competitive. This is widely embraced in travel and hospitality too. There are thousands of businesses which have already benefited from having Chatbots. This has led to many benefits such as better consumer experiences because of optimized customer service. There is a very long list of things for which Chatbots are better suited than human beings. Chatbots can accomplish an amazing number of tasks without making any mistakes and this alone can provide a business with tremendous benefits.

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