8 Extraordinary Facts Make Vegas a Bucket List Destination

Most people are only familiar with the inconceivable, sinful nature of Las Vegas from the movies, and there are a lot of them. From Connery’s ‘Diamonds are Forever’, Depp’s ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, the now infamous ‘The Hangover’ and countless others.

"The Hangover" Suite at Caesars Palace

(Pictured: “The Hangover” Suite at Caesars Palace)

The irony is that while there is a wild element to many of these movies, the truth of Sin City is actually much more interesting and holds many more tales – most of which have been lost to the sands of the Mojave Desert.

More than Just a City

Anyway, it goes without saying that although Las Vegas is a gambling Mecca, it’s a lot more than that. There are a myriad of attractions both in and outside the city to cater to people of all levels of crazy. After all, the modern area as we know it has seen the likes mobsters like Bugsy Siegel (who died in a flail of bullets), the eccentric Howard Hughes (who reportedly spent more than $300 million buying up real estate), and many more. Here you’ll be able to do almost anything (including smoking the now state legal cannabis) your heart desires – unless it croaks of course. Here are a few fun facts for you:

Nuclear Sightseeing

In the decade spanning 1952-1962 there were more than 100 nuclear bombs detonated north of Las Vegas. This prompted a rise in atomic-themed tourism which even featured restaurants and other establishments adopting the theme. While the show was no doubt stupendous with always reliable sunny weather all year, the fallout is estimated to be responsible for around 11,000 deaths.

Lucky Travelers to Las Vegas

Those who have been fortunate enough to visit Las Vegas know exactly what we are talking about and have no doubt been somewhat dumbstruck by the sheer architectural audacity and magnificence of certain casinos. These include and are certainly not limited to the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Golden Nugget, Delano Las Vegas, Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa, Wynn Las Vegas, or even the brilliantly designed Venice themed Venetian.

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Prostitution Actual Isn’t Legal

Many people believe that prostitution is a given in the city of Las Vegas, but it’s actually illegal. However, any county in the state of Nevada with a population of less than 700,000 is allowed to license a brothel. Even so, illegal prostitution still thrives and what happens in Vegas…

The Highest Jackpot Winner

Following on from the last veteran’s run of good luck, the highest ever jackpot won by someone in Las Vegas was $39.7 million by a 25 year old software engineer from Los Angeles. It’s said he chose to be paid $1.5 million yearly instead of taking the lump sum.

No Income Tax

This might be reason enough to move there, let alone visit. Residents in the state of Nevada don’t have to pay a single cent of personal income tax. There also isn’t any corporation tax, although at present there is a 6.85% sales tax. By avoiding income tax on huge casino jackpots combined with so many competitive offers for legal NV online casinos and Las Vegas casinos, this factor is yet another solid justification.

Taking Betting Too Far

As if there was such a thing, back in 1980 betting went a little over the top when nurses from a Las Vegas hospital had to fire workers who were gambling on when patients would die. It’s said one even tried to up the ante – if you catch our drift.

WW2 Veteran Elmer Sherwin Won the Jackpot Twice

Back in 1986 (at the age of 76), Sherwin won a $4.6 million Megabucks jackpot shortly after the Mirage opened. Even though he used his new found fortune to travel, he was determined to be the first man to win it twice and continued playing the slot often. When he was 92 he hit the same jackpot and won around $21 million – this time giving most of it away to charity. The odds of hitting that particular jackpot are reportedly in the region of 10 million to one.

The Rescue of FedEx

Frederick W. Smith, the founder and CEO of FedEx, was on the verge of losing his company after initially inheriting $4 million and taking out a further $80 million in loans and investments to start the venture. Due to rising fuel costs, he was heavily in debt and almost sunk the company just two years later. After taking $5,000 to Las Vegas in a last ditch effort, he turned it into $27,000 playing blackjack. While this wasn’t enough to get the company back up in the air, it was the spark that got the flame burning again.

Las Vegas was Originally a Trade Route

The name ‘Las Vegas’ was given to the area by a Mexican merchant by the name of Antonio Armijo who was establishing a trade route to Los Angeles in 1829. The name is actually Spanish for “The Meadows” which might not seem appropriate, but his caravan was following a tributary of the Colorado river at the time. You might be more than surprised to find out what there is to see.

If Las Vegas wasn’t on your bucket list before and you’re still not 100% – the facts above are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In the meantime, enjoy the best online slots, of which we have put together the most lucrative bonuses for you to take advantage of, which often include free spins on top games. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next person to win a jackpot with your bonus and be on the next first class flight out to Nevada.