Sambalatte Brings a Summer of Wellness

Sambalatte Brings a Summer of Wellness
stores in Las Vegas and Boca Park Fashions are celebrating the arrival of summer with an exclusive “Summer of Wellness” menu.

This exclusive campaign was inspired by the wellness trends happening around the globe in the hospitality industry. Creating a holistic environment, our Summer of Wellness drinks are unique, refreshing using the healthiest and natural ingredients to help you feel your best.

We have created some delicious and healthy selection “Sips of Wellness” Here are just a few of our many Summer of Wellness drinks:

    berries, orange juice, vanilla extract, Greek yogurt, topped with whipped cream of almond milk with whey protein, and chia sprinkles.
    iced coffee, almond milk, frozen banana, protein powder blended
    fresh lemonade infused with handcrafted turmeric syrup
    matcha, organic cacao powder, lavender syrup, and choice of milk.
    lemonade and shot of espresso over ice garnished with mint leaf

Happy Hour of Wellness, Monday – Friday from 2pm-6pm, selected Sips of Wellness drinks 50% off.

Wellness is the health of mind, body, and spirit. Dive in to a Summer of Wellness with our amazing handcrafted drinks prepared with super foods to make you feel healthy and energized this summer.

All summer long you can choose from our organic and carefully crafted Power Foodie menu along with many sustainable and exotic mixed Summer Drinks. That’s right, an amazing selection of green, organic & creative drinks just for you.

Stay Well! Feel Well! It’s a Summer of Wellness @Sambalatte

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