Ushering in the New Wave of Esports in Las Vegas

As the popularity of esports flourishes, more venues are surfacing for fans to enjoy watching and gaming outside of the home. The latest of these venues is Las Vegas’ Luxor’s HyperX Esports Arena. Located on the Strip, this 30,000 square-foot, multi-level arena boasts a range of remarkable features in a competitive ambiance.

HyperX, easily considered a gamers’ paradise, offers a distinctive atmosphere that includes a competition stage and 50-foot LED gaming monitor wall, in addition to daily gaming stations, telescopic seating, quality streaming and a modern production studio. During tournaments, game callers are on hand to keep attendees in the thick of the action with marked enthusiasm.

Catering to those seeking high-tech nightlife or world-class competition, HyperX bestows a state-of-the-art broadcast and gaming center to take esports fans out of their homes and into a contemporary arena built with them in mind.

Those seeking a serving of nostalgia will appreciate an expansive offering of throwback arcade games and gaming systems that span multiple generations. The first-floor bar offers a collection of arcade favorites such as Pac-Man, Golden Tee and Street Fighter. There is no other option for exploring gaming’s early origins in the center of an iconic global esports destination on the Las Vegas Strip.

The social atmosphere accommodates 1,500 people in two designated sections, including a main area and lobby. The main area is a competition space with a gaming floor, the functional competition stage and VIP suites. Streaming, gaming and virtual reality experiences can be enjoyed in the lobby section. HyperX runs on its own secure network, keeping player information safe.

Entry is free, but fees apply for those who want to play games. Locals, military personnel and first responders are afforded a discount, and the generous open hours are seven days per week from 10 a.m. to midnight. Hours of gaming time purchased do not have to be utilized in a single visit.

HyperX is welcoming to families with children of all ages with no restrictions in the lobby. In the main area, anyone under 13 years old must be accompanied by a chaperone who is age 21 or over. Certain restrictions will be enacted when stage content is rated M-Mature or A-Adults Only by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Notable food and beverage options augment this Vegas gaming experience. A menu created by world-renowned
chef José Andrés features the debut of a culinary program curated with esports in mind. Andrés, a gamer himself, describes food offerings as “delicious, but also practical for the gaming environment.”

The venue will serve as host to video game competitions while also producing original content. Rentable space and equipment are available to those looking to host an event pertaining to the interactive entertainment industry. Foremost gaming blog writers can consider this space a temple for their US-based readers, as it currently remains unrivaled in concept and execution.

With the rapid expansion of esports, unique challenges have surfaced. HyperX Esports Area hopes to address these issues as they create professional pathways for aspiring amateurs, foster successful sponsorship associations and enhance team-player relations. This social gym is a port of call for avid gaming aficionados who embrace the evolution of computer gaming. Even those harboring a curiosity, without claiming a background in electronic gaming, will appreciate the grandiose setting.

The hope is to usher in the newest waves of esports trends so that enthusiasts’ senses are invigorated in the same way that they are at traditional sports complexes. Watching, playing and betting on esports has taken an upscale turn at the Luxor, and connoisseurs can look forward to cutting-edge developments at HyperX.