Buzzoid Review: How the Latest Celebs Stay on Instagram’s Explore Page

Have you ever wondered how celebrities stay on your Instagram feed or on the Explore page even when you’re not following them? Instagram uses many different factors to decide how visible users should be. As the platform has grown, this has progressed beyond simply your feed and now your content should help you become more seen on the Explore page, which allows you to reach targeted users by simply posting quality content.

The Importance of the Explore Page

Getting featured on the Explore page is an excellent way to get more likes and help build your following while establishing your name in the community. Celebrities often use the Explore page to expose users to products, movies, music, and other items that users would enjoy. You could even end up reaching an entirely new audience that is targeted instead of just random.

Instagram is constantly updating its features and adding new ones, such as the Explore section. Learning how to get on this page is essential to seeing constant growth and becoming a top influencer, celeb, model, musician, chef, dog trainer, or anything else you would like to be known for.

Buzzoid – What’s the Hype? Are They Legit?

If you’re wondering why so many people are raving about Buzzoid, it’s time to catch up. Buzzoid is one of the leading social media marketing services, allowing users to buy likes, views, and followers in affordable packages. With this service, you can see immediate progress and boost your visibility and the chance of showing up in the Explore section. You could be side-by-side with celebrities with the simple click of a button.

One of the best things about Buzzoid is that no password is required – all you have to do is provide your username, a form of payment, and the package that you desire. You can see an increase in likes, followers, and views in just minutes.

You can also use the convenient features on Buzzoid to make sure your posts receive maximum visibility, such as scheduling likes to appear as soon as your post is uploaded or getting views on video content.

Is Buzzoid Legit?

Although there are many rather suspicious vendors of Instagram likes and followers, Buzzoid is a name to trust. They’ve been around since the beginning of Instagram and have evolved as much as the platform itself has. Users of all kinds can enjoy being able to have total control of their profile, even down to the amount of likes and views each post gets.

How much are the Instagram followers and likes?

Packages are priced at a huge value, making it cost-effective to grow your profile and establish credibility in the Instagram community. You can choose a small package of 100 likes and followers for only $2.97 or get 1,000 for $12.99. They also have bundles of 2,500 and 5,000 likes and followers available. For large accounts, purchasing 10,000 likes for $69.99 is also an option. You can try Buzzoid in Germany (, France (, the Netherlands ( and even Brazil (

The pricing for views is a bit different, but packages are still very affordable ranging from $1.99 for a starter bundle of 500 views or 2,500 views for $6.99 up to $74.99 for 50,000 views.

Buzzoid: #1 Service For Instagram Followers, Likes & Views

Buzzoid is the go-to resource for users looking to gain fame and rise in the ranks on social media. Plus, it’s a great value: the smallest package starts at just $2 – an incredible deal for instant results. With Buzzoid, you get reliable likes and views for every post. Increasing credibility on Instagram is as easy as clicking a button and typing in your username. That’s it! No passwords are required, and everything is legit.

The options are wide when you work with the professionals at Buzzoid to boost your visibility and give you the chance to end up in the Explore section.

Factors that Influence Visibility on the Explore Page

To boost your exposure and get on the Explore page, there are some factors you should note that influence your visibility heavily.

  • Instagram likes & followers

The amount of likes that your posts get are highly influential on the likelihood of getting featured on Instagram’s Explore page along with the number of followers you have. You should strive to actively increase your followers each day to keep your page relevant according to Instagram’s calculations.

  • Video content

Videos are taking the center stage and are featured more often on the Explore page. They even have the potential to outrank photo content, making them a great way to get onto the Explore page. Get more views with Buzzoid.

Instagram has added Instagram Stories to the feeds of all its users as well as IGTV, which features content from various sources. You don’t need to create a full TV show or worry about editing lengthy videos – you can use GIFs and a feature known as Boomerang to create video content that can be used in stories.

  • Visual Instagram stories

Your Instagram stories should be visually appealing and grab the users’ attention. Try to avoid posting simple quotes with blank backgrounds – unless that’s your aesthetic.

Posts are more likely to get featured when they’re dynamic and fluid with plenty of color and action to catch the eyes of people scrolling through their feed or browsing the Explore page. They’re also more likely to be shared, giving you free advertising and showing Instagram that users enjoy your content.

  • Reposted content

Reposting content is another way that the social media platform decides what to feature on the Explore page, and Instagram encourages it by allowing users to share content to their story, through messages, and to other destinations. By reposting content, you can increase engagement while keeping your audience entertained and keeping up with your aesthetic.

It also shows users that you care about them and enjoy their content as well. Reposting content generated by your followers and other users can give you relief from creating original content throughout the day and encourages users to check out your page.

Tips to Stay Featured on the Explore Page

The Explore page has become known as one of the most effective ways to be seen by users and increase your following as well as user engagement. Influencers and celebrities of all kinds have learned how to ‘hack’ the Explore page and be featured often. In order to help you get the same exposure, let’s take a look at some ways your page can be featured on the Explore page just as much as some celebrities.

Encourage Action in the Captions

The captions on your posts are not only meant to explain what’s going on or express an opinion – they should also be used to call users to action. Try to encourage engagement by having users tag friends, share your content, or comment on your post.

By encouraging users to engage, you can increase the chance of showing up on the Explore page. Your overall engagement influences Instagram’s algorithm and increases the visibility of your content. Use your captions wisely and be sure to encourage users to perform actions that benefit your account.

Schedule Content

You can post amazing content but it could go unseen by the majority of users for one simple reason – it was not posted at the right time. Timing is everything when it comes to posts, so be sure to check out the latest Instagram updates for peak posting times and schedule your content around that.

Being able to reach more users by posting at certain times is the easiest way to increase engagement and interactions from followers. It can also lead to more exposure on the Explore page, allowing you to be seen by even more users.

Post Content That Goes with Your Aesthetic

Speaking of aesthetics, your content should look the same throughout your Instagram. It has been shown that if your story contains content that is similar to your typical posts on Instagram, posts are much more likely to be featured on Explore.

Each post should be thought out so that you continue to post within your Instagram’s aesthetic each time. No matter what you’re posting or where you’re posting it from, you can take steps to ensure that everything comes together and that your aesthetic is the same throughout every outlet on the social media platform.

Make Use of Instagram Analytics

Instagram has made it easy to see what content resonates with your followers and target audience and what could be eliminated or changed. You may not even know it, but some of your content could be getting featured on the Explore page.

Instagram Insights allows you to keep track of the performance of your posts as well as many other different metrics. There is even a “From Explore” metric that allows you to see what is performing well and use this to inspire future posts, which are more likely to be featured.

Final Words + Buzzoid Review Summary

If you can figure out how to ‘hack’ the Explore page, then exposure and visibility are constant and can gain you followers, likes, and views consistently. For the growth boost you need, consider purchasing some engagement from Buzzoid. Buzzoid has been around since the very beginning, offering users a unique way to expand their visibility and outreach on Instagram. The process is simple, and your information is safe when buying likes, followers, and even views from users.

Hacking the Explore page is as simple as placing an order and watching your exposure increase within minutes. Give Buzzoid a try and gain access to 24/7 support and more organic growth to become a constant feature on the Explore page.