7 Ways to Quit Fast Fashion

Unrealistic social media expectations and online shopping trends have contributed to the fast fashion movement. New fashion trends keep emerging nearly every week. Most of these manufacturers rely on cheap labor from workers in dangerous working conditions. 

The process of manufacturing clothes involves a lot of resources which are usually harmful. The good thing is that more people are aware of the negative impact of fast fashion. They are also embracing the slow fashion culture by supporting brands that stick to ethical business practices.

Here are the surefire ways to ditch Instagram trends and become a conscious shopper.

  • Define what matters to you 

Quitting fast fashion starts with changing your mindset and creating a list of the standards you prioritize. These may include buying from brands that support a charity, use organic materials or adhere to fair-labor practices. It’s imperative to keep them in mind whenever you’re shopping.

  • Shop at thrift stores 

Visiting thrift stores is a smart way to prevent many clothes from ending up at the landfill. Try selling or donating the clothes you don’t wear anymore before shopping. Buy versatile pieces at a thrift store in Manchester so that you can style them in different ways.

Taking this step is the key to minimizing your clothing footprint and building a sustainable closet.

  • Learn basic tailoring skills 

There is no need to enroll in a sewing school before you can have some basic skills. Most people buy need clothes because they can’t fix broken zippers or INSERT a missing button. You should be able to taper a skirt or shorten a sleeve if you want to save money on clothing.

Another planet-friendly approach is to repurpose old clothing in a creative way or consult a tailor.

  • Identify slow fashion brands 

Clothing ingredients such as cleaning and rinsing agents can pose serious health risks. Although they have been banned in several developed countries, some nations are still relying on them.

More fashion brands are following ethical business practices and manufacturing sustainable products than in the last decade. They always care about the safety of their workers and consumers. You will likely find a brand that will allow you to express your personal style.

  • Consider renting 

There are certain fashion outlets that rent tuxedos and dresses for weddings or other special occasions. It’s better to take this approach for clothes that you will be wearing once instead of buying new ones.

  • Proper maintenance 

Avoid washing jeans often to increase their lifespan. Another benefit is that you will be conserving water, thereby reducing energy bills. Consider hanging your clothes in the sun or air dry after a single wear.

  • Use online tools 

Adopting slow-fashion principles doesn’t imply that you will be sacrificing your personal style. We are in a digital era where digital tools exist for virtually any task. You can use mobile apps to shop online for second-hand clothing at your convenience.

More so, there are apps for finding ethical brands. These apps rate fashion brands and their products based on different parameters.

It’s high time for more people to embrace slow fashion. This will encourage many fashion brands to adopt ethical standards as they manufacture clothing.

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