“Area 51” Show Donates All Money to Local No-Kill Shelter

“Area 51” Show Donates All Money to Local No-Kill Shelter
Media attention on Area 51 is being channeled toward a good cause. On Saturday, September 7, 2019, 100 percent of ticket sales from the 7pm “Creepy Vegas Ghost & UFO Show” will go to our local Nevada SPCA.

“My wife and I have adopted rescue pets for 20 years,” says show producer Joshua P. Warren. “The Nevada SPCA has hit the reboot button and needs to fund major upgrades to protect our furry friends. I’m getting a ton of media attention right now, so this is how I can help.”

The “Creepy Vegas Ghost & UFO Show” debuted last spring at Millennium Fandom cosplay bar downtown, and is billed as “60, fun paranormal minutes in a bar,” featuring real footage of ghosts, UFOs, monsters, and time warps, along with haunted objects people can touch, and even see real debris from Roswell, New Mexico. It’s $19.95 per person. It’s hosted by Vegas native, Nick Weird.

“Las Vegas locals can benefit from all the publicity we’re getting right now,” Warren smiles. “Let’s help our neighbors. I may even have a few paranormal surprises in store for everyone who joins us for the charity show on September 7.”

Tickets can only be purchased online at: www.CreepyVegas.com