Best Places to Study in Las Vegas

Best Places to Study in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is mainly associated with casinos, entertainments, fancy restaurants, and eye-catching shows. Still, few know that this city is considered one of the most attractive American student cities (Image by Frauke Feind from Pixabay).   

Why Study in Las Vegas? 

It so happened that the majority of promising students looking for a prestigious higher educational institution tend to set their sights on Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Pittsburgh, or San Diego. Indeed, colleges and universities located in these cities are famed for the richness and versatility of their learning programs, state-of-the-art technologies, and the best infrastructure and facilities that can satisfy the most demanding student.

As for Las Vegas, most of potential applicants merely don’t even think about it when it comes to choosing their alma mater. Let’s face it, Vegas is the last city you’d associate with academics. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it’s unworthy of your attention. In fact, the Vegas boasts 25 postsecondary schools and one of the largest community college in America. Moreover, it’s one of the best cities for staying after graduation. Thousands of artists, managers, producers, health care providers, and hospitality and tourism professionals find their place in the City of Lights.

Studying in Vegas can open all sorts of possibilities to you, as well. So why not give it a shot? You’ll be able not only to earn a degree from one of the most prestigious higher learning institutions in the U.S., but also take advantage of plenty of other opportunities Vegas will present you with. As soon as you complete your history research paper, or write an impeccable review of The Crucible by Arthur Miller for your English class, you can go check out local museums, beautiful parks, golf courses, countless malls, gourmet restaurants, and bars. Not to mention casinos of which Vegas is teeming. Intrigued? So, it’s about time you checked out our list of the top colleges of the most frequently visited destinations in the U.S.  

# 1 University of Nevada – Las Vegas

UNLVIf you want to become an expert at Business, Human and Social Sciences, Law, Healthcare, and lots of other fields, you should definitely opt for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). This public research university offers more than 270 programs, including PhD and doctoral degree programs in a variety of subjects. For the time being, UNLV is the only higher educational institution in Nevada with the dental and law school on campus.   

# 2 College of Southern Nevada 

CSNAnother option to consider is the College of Southern Nevada (SCN). It’s the largest public community college in the state that provides job training in such areas as Arts, Business, Hospitality and Public services, Education, Science and Mathematics, Advanced and Applied technologies, and others. Overall, they offer 70 academic programs to choose from. Lots of working students choose to study in CSN, where they can attend their classes part-time and thus get more flexibility. It’s up to you to choose a suitable attendance option, but keep in mind that full-time daily attendance can provide more effective educational experience to you. 

# 3 Roseman University of Health Sciences

RosemanIf you’re dreaming of a career of health care professional, you may want to consider applying to Roseman University of Health Sciences. It’s the only private university offering training in Pharmacy, Nursing, and Dental Medicine. In this university, you can pursue a doctoral degree or enroll in undergraduate programs such as Business Administration and Nursing. Roseman University relies on the block system which allows their students to hone in on a specific area of study rather than taking up multiple courses concurrently. By doing so, the university aims to provide comprehensive professional training in the selected subjects. 

# 4 Northwest Career College 

NorthwestAnother private institution worth considering is Northwest Career College. Though it’s quite small and offers only 7 degree programs, the college in question is rightly considered one of the best private higher learning institutions in Nevada. You can enroll in Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, and Pharmacy Technician, and even Massage Therapy courses. Northwest Career College values and fosters diversity. Therefore, it offers free ESL courses for immigrant and international students. 

# 5 New Mexico Highlands University 

HighlandsOne of the oldest universities of Las Vegas is New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) which was established in 1893. Currently, NMHU offers more than 80 graduate and undergraduate programs in such areas as Arts and Sciences, Education, Social Work, and Business. Since Latino and Indian Americans make up a significant percentage of NMHU’s student body. Therefore, the university places great emphasis on promoting cultural awareness, diversity, and pluralism among their learners.