Beginners Guide to Pocket Vaping Devices

Vaping is all about convenience, experience, and quality. And that’s what vape pens from Blazed Vapes offer. Designed offer maximum vaping experience, vaping pens are quickly becoming a market hit among vapers. They are odor-free, easy to use, and highly portable. So, if you are a vaper and want to get the best out of your vaping experience, you have a solution in vape pens. This article is going to walk you through pocket vaping devices—just to help you have the best vaping experience. Good luck!

Learn How Vape Pens Are Used

Normally, vape pens have similar parts. They include:

  • Battery: The battery is used to power the vape pen. Plus, it’s the longest part of the pen.
  • Heating chamber—also known as the atomizer, the heating chamber houses the concentrated cannabis-based oil wax, as well as dry herbs. It’s used to heat these products to give you a quality vape.
  • Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is used to draw vapor during the vaping process. Attached to the heating chamber, the mouthpiece is an important part of vape pens.
  • Charger: The charger comes as a separate accessory. Used to charge the vaping device, the charger resembles a micro USB.

Basically, the heating chamber draws power from the vape pens. This heat is used to heat your cannabis herbs, oil, and wax to produce vapor which you inhale via the mouthpiece.


A vape pen requires accessories. Of course, all vape pens are portable. However, they tend to be extremely fragile—particularly for those using pre-filled based oil cartilages. For instance, smoking dabs require an airtight container for storage purposes. Also, you might require a dabber for scooping that wax into the unit’s heating chamber. You may also need to purchase accessories like silicon wax mats—it will help keep surrounding clean and free of scattered concentrated cannabis.

Cartridges and Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are available in different forms. Common forms include:

Pre-filled based disposable oil cartilages

Concentrates, which are also referred to as budder, wax, as well as sugar. Concentrates come with consistency as well as appealing appearance. That is why they are regarded as the best for vape pens. Concentrates are easy to load and use. Also, vapers can access them as refillable oil cartilages. So, it’s advisable to use the right concentrate when vaping.

Load the Chamber Correctly

Don’t load the wax into the chamber using your finger. Instead, use a dab to collect a small amount before loading it into the heating chamber. Alternatively, purchase pre-filled oil cartilages.

Other Tips

Also, use the following additional tips when handling your pocket vape device:

  • Use the bottom correctly
  • Charge your pen before use
  • When traveling, it’s advisable to use disposable pens

The Bottom-Line

Understanding your portable vaping device will play a key role when it comes to the success of your vaping session. The above information contains everything you need regarding vape pens. So, vape like a pro and get the most out of your device.