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Legendary World Bridge Champion Bob Hamman Celebrates National Bridge Day, Oct. 22; Receives Proclamation from Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Legendary World Bridge Champion Bob Hamman Celebrates National Bridge Day, Oct. 22; Receives Proclamation from Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman
’s founder, Bob Hamman, 15-time world bridge champ and 21-time number one ranked bridge player in the world, celebrates October 22, with National Bridge Day in Las Vegas. 

Hamman received a prestigious proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Las Vegas reading, “Robert “Bob” Hamman’s name is synonymous with the game of bridge. Mr. Hamman’s strategic contributions to the game have helped spark international interest in bridge for generations to come.  We are proud to declare October 22, Robert “Bob” Hamman Day in the City of Las Vegas, Nevada.”

Legendary World Bridge Champion Bob Hamman Celebrates National Bridge Day, Oct. 22; Receives Proclamation from Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Awarded with several Bermuda Bowl titles (1985-2009) and numerous national titles, including the World Open Team Olympiad in 1988, Bob simply states,  “There are four great mind games: chess, backgammon, poker, and bridge.”

Recognized internationally for his masterful skill, Hamman has competed with renown personalities and iconic figures who recognize Bob’s talent.  Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, shared his thoughts on Hamman’s bridge prowess with the Dallas Morning News. “That takes an unbelievable mind,” says Buffett. “I could have started playing bridge when I was a 3-year-old, and worked at it every day of my life, and I wouldn’t be fit to sort his cards.”

Hamman has even penned a book:  At the Table—My Life and Times, recounting his experiences as a professional bridge player, which has included playing in tournaments throughout the world and against such luminaries as the actor Omar Sharif, who was a renowned bridge player in his own right.

While competing internationally at bridge, Hamman discovered a way to bring his love for games and chance to his profession.  In 1986, Hamman founded SCA Promotions, which is now one of the world’s largest providers of prize coverage for promotions, contests and games. Hamman brings unparalleled tradition of strategy and winning to SCA and its clients.  With an impressive variety of promotional solutions based on the games of chance, SCA has paid over $200,000,000 in prizes. Hamman and SCA’s team of promotional experts are the brains behind multiple million-dollar challenges seen at nationally televised sporting events, as well as, online lotteries and sweepstakes that have transformed the promotional industry in recent years. SCA’s vast portfolio has offered prizes up to $1 Billion, paid the performance bonuses of professional athletes, and covered prizes in fishing tournaments, fast-food restaurant chain contests, consumer products, scratch-and-win campaigns, casino jackpots, bingo, radio and television contests and even a promotion as esoteric as proof of Bigfoot’s existence.

Bob Hamman, whose profession is based on taking chances and making calculated guesses, also received the Gaming Lifetime Achievement Award in July 2019.

SCA Promotions delivers compelling solutions that enhance the customer experience to generate new sales, grow repeat business and extract customer data and analytics.  SCA’s extensive product line creates unique opportunities for organizations to attract, engage, transact, and interact with their consumers. For over three decades, companies and organizations around the globe have benefited from the increased ROI and brand awareness that SCA solutions offer. SCA’s robust portfolio, includes four pillars of solutions to strengthen and support business growth: Digital and Online Games, Engaging On-site Games and Events, Professional and Custom Services, and Financial Risk Protection that enables customers to offer millions of dollars in mega-prize cash and experiential rewards without the financial risk.  SCA is hailed by Fortune 100 and start-up companies alike, as a unique resource for powerful promotional tools and innovative marketing solutions. SCA has offices in Dallas, London, Las Vegas, and Calgary, with affiliate partners across the globe.