Do You Have A True Network Hero Taking Care Of Your IT?

Working with the right IT professional can save a company a lot of money in the long run. A recent estimate showed that businesses can reduce IT costs by up to 50% by transitioning from an in-house IT department that is paid by the hour to a managed IT company that charges a flat fee for its services. Furthermore, a good IT managed service can boost profits by providing cutting edge hardware and software to meet a business’ needs, offering expert 24/7 assistance and advice, and preventing or rapidly addressing IT problems such as reduced network speed, downtime, and cyberattacks.

Does your business need a truly good Las Vegas IT services professional to handle your IT needs? Following are some tips to help you find the company that can do the best job at the best price:

  • Make sure the company offers scalable solutions. This is particularly important if you have seasonal highs and lows. You don’t want to pay a year-round fee for services that you only need a few months out of the year; at the same time, you’ll need a company that can immediately provide you with additional services during peak seasons.
  • Ask to talk to the technicians who will be working with you. These technicians should not only be certified and experienced in their field but also in yours. This is particularly important you need to meet industry regulations such as HIPAA or NGC regulations.
  • Look over the company’s services and products. Does it offer everything your business needs under one roof? Working with two or three IT managed service providers will put a strain on your business and your finances.
  • Does the company put a premium on cybersecurity? Cyberattacks are on the rise as more than six out of ten businesses reported such an attack in 2018 alone. What is more, the average cost of dealing with a cyberattack is now a whopping $369,000.
  • What do current and former clients have to say about the company you are considering working with? If the company has been in business for any length of time, it should have happy clients and former clients who are willing to recommend its products and services to others.

Businesses that want to thrive and prosper in the coming years will need more than a mere IT service provider. They will need a genuine IT network hero who is not only an IT expert but also familiar with a business’ industry, business plans, products/services and target demographic. That is why many Nevada-based businesses are turning to Network Security Associates to meet their IT needs.

Network Security Associates stands out from other, similar companies for several reasons. NSA is one of only three managed Las Vegas IT service providers to be licensed by the NGC to work with the casino industry in the state. Furthermore, the company has been in business for the last fifteen years and has earned rave reviews from a wide range of clients. NSA also offers a free network security assessment that provides solutions to enable you to increase security, boost productivity and ensure industry regulation compliance. Get in touch with us at your convenience to learn more or to make an appointment with a genuine IT network hero.