Shorty G Can Be the Next Daniel Bryan on Smackdown

Charles Betts a.k.a Chad Gable is an American professional wrestler, who is currently signed to WWE where he performs on SmackDown brand. As we came to know by the latest Wrestling News, Chad Gable has rechristened himself as Shorty G. After defeating Curtis Axel, Chad addressed the live crowd and the audience on Fox TV.

I’m embracing who I am. We all have insecurities, every last one of us. But tonight I stand here to say you can overcome! Do not run from them. Do not hide from them. Accept who you are! I accept who I am! I’m Shorty Gable. Actually, let’s shorten that up. I’m Shorty G!”

This came almost a week after being called Shorty Gable by the King of the Ring, King Corbin, at Hell in a Cell on October 6.

But amidst all this drama, we couldn’t help but notice similarities in personality traits between Shorty G and one of the most prominent superstars at WWE, Daniel Bryan. Some might even say that Shorty G can be the next Daniel Bryan at WWE.

Daniel who has been kind of a pendulum between being the hero and the villain, the good guy and the bad guy over the years, has been one of the most famous superstars at WWE. He has been the sole person behind ‘The YES Movement’ and formed a deeper connection with the audience in due course. Being a rather small wrestler, Daniel was also picked on by other wrestlers who tried to make him feel bad about his body stature. But Daniel was not the one to be oppressed so easily. He accepted his flaws boldly and donned it like a medal in front of the world.

Daniel Bryan never gave in to pathetic bullying but instead went on to dominate the WWE for several years. And what was amazing was that crowd used to be right behind him, supporting him, chanting his patented ‘yes’ chants, rallying behind on almost every single occasion. Bryan also didn’t refrain from becoming a bad guy and calling out McMahon and his generation for their greed, for it was nothing short of truth. This is what made Daniel Bryan the small righteous man fighting for his principles and values and not just glory. He was that person who though being not as strong as his opponents, always won the support of the crowd. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Daniel Bryan the most loved ‘Underdog’ at WWE.

Although Chad is not too short for an average person, his height of 5 ft and 8 inches is not definitely not considered the tallest amongst the WWE wrestlers. Also, the built body framework of wrestlers makes him look a little bit shorter than what he actually is. And how we see, Shorty G’s character has been developing strikingly similar traits to those of Daniel Bryan. Accepting himself for being what he is, and the crowd support, all take us to the time when Daniel Bryan surfaced to the wrestling world. But if it is all or WWE has something in store for Shorty G, only time will tell.