Top 5 Internet Service Providers in Las Vegas

The importance of internet connectivity in our daily lives is quite visible in the modern world. We simply cannot manage our lives without it since it facilitates us tremendously in carrying out our routine activities. Las Vegas, Nevada, is often considered as an entertainment hub and that with good reason, based on the wide array of activities it offers.

An entertainment hub is bound to require dependable internet connectivity. This is the reason why Vegas is home to some of the fastest internet connection offerings from various market players. In this article, we will highlight our picks of top internet ISP’s in Vegas and what makes them unique. So, without further ado, here is our list:

  • Spectrum

Spectrum has long made a name for itself with an array of quality connectivity offerings. Their internet packages available in Las Vegas are second to none. With speeds starting from 200 Mbps, you get unlimited data caps that allow you to stream your favourite shows and download epic high-res movies. There are a number of Spectrum certified routers available in the market that can enhance your connectivity experience even more. A major issue people face in crowded areas is that of struggling speeds during peak hours, Spectrum promises to counter that issue by offering unparalleled speeds during those peak hours. Pairing up the internet service with their TV allows you to enjoy seamless TV viewing from anywhere within your home through the dedicated apps. If these highlights sound interesting to you, you should definitely consider going for Spectrum internet. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

  • CenturyLink

The residents in Las Vegas all know about CenturyLink primarily due to the amazing speeds they offer. With download capabilities of up to 1 Gbps through DSL and Fibre options, Century Link holds the potential of satiating any internet enthusiast’s hunger for power. Statistically, Century Link is the second-largest provider in the States and their USP (Unique Selling Point) is the dependable customer service they offer. Not just this though, the company stands out for providing comprehensive IT solutions and management for various businesses and setups. In such scenarios, the internet offerings are naturally highlighted, which work exceptionally well with the systems they develop. Their initial offerings start at around 50$ and go up from there but with the ‘no-contract’ incentive, the entire portfolio becomes quite attractive, to say the least.

  • COX

COX is quite renowned for its cable based internet services all over Nevada. Las Vegas, in particular, enjoys speeds ranging to 300 Mbps which are dependable enough for any routine activities along with the general streaming options even if they are high-definition. Being the 3rd largest internet provider across US, the company entertains around 3.5 million subscribers, that is quite an achievement. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with their packages which can be availed at prices starting from as low as 39.99$.

  • Viasat

It is only justified that we list a dependable satellite provider on our list as well. What better option than Viasat when it comes to satellite internet in Las Vegas. The best thing about this internet is its wide availability all across the region with no dark spots. Although the speeds you will get are around 25 Mbps with their internet offerings, but you don’t have to worry about any sort of peak hour fluctuations since your connectivity is coming from a satellite directly. That being said, you do have to stay concerned regarding any physical hindrances that can disrupt your dish signals. The company has been operating in this segment for over 30 years and that experience comes quite handy for the proper installation. With an introductory price of 50$ which increases afterwards the company itself handles the installation for you. Viasat is definitely a safe bet in the satellite connectivity segment.

  • HughesNet

Here is another name in our list from the satellite internet segment. HughesNet is rapidly rising in its popularity based on the quality, commitment, and dependability they offer to the consumers. Their vigilant customer support team can readily support you in choosing the perfect satellite package for your household. That being said, it just wouldn’t be right to expect a satellite connection to offer you the same speeds as of a DSL or a Fibre connection. So, if high-speed gaming and extensive downloading are your core requirements, going for a satellite connection wouldn’t be the best choice for you. One highlighting aspect with this company is the security they offer for their services which they promise to be as formidable as a ‘military connection’. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we were to see HughesNet climbing to the very top in the satellite connectivity segment in the times to come.

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