Great Reasons To Try The Vegas Scavenger Hunt

“Viva Las Vegas!” “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!” Yes, Vegas is, indeed, all that jazz. When you first think of this place, you may think casinos, dancers in the best costumes, lights, hotels, shopping, and everything money can buy. It’s truly an experience to at least visit Las Vegas once in your life. From skyscrapers to the best restaurants and even the most sparkling lights, it’s like your taken to an entirely new world.

Great Reasons To Try The Vegas Scavenger HuntImage by Carlos Charles from Pixabay 

But stop there. Did you know that Las Vegas is more than just all that? If you’re thinking of bringing the whole family down to Vegas, then go ahead. There’s so much that it can offer, too, including nature and other activities. One of the most favored? The great Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt.

What is it, and why should you even try it out? Here are great reasons to do so.

But First, What Is The Great Vegas Scavenger Hunt?

This scavenger hunt is an upgrade of how you may perceive or know scavenger hunts. In essence, it’s a walkthrough, or drive-by along the Fremont Street, and the Las Vegas strip. In general, the Scavenger Hunt lasts for about two hours. When the participants are enough, you’ll be divided into groups of ten participants. Each team will receive the following:

  • Supplies needed for the scavenger hunt
  • Challenge sheet
  • Collection bag
  • Camera

Great Reasons To Try The Vegas Scavenger HuntImage by DUKE NG from Pixabay

Like any scavenger hunt, you’ll have to complete Vegas-related challenges and tasks.

  1. Makes Party Preparation So Much Easier

Are you off to Vegas to give your girl a hen party? Perhaps it may even be your friends’ trip to celebrate the big 3-0 of one of your best buds. If you’re in charge of the party planning, before all the fun and happy times, you’ll surely have to go through a lot of stress with the party planning process.

To make the party preparation so much easier, sign up for a Vegas scavenger hunt. That’s one less day for you to worry about. You don’t have to think about drinks, games, and whatnot. Because it’s guaranteed to be so much fun, all of you are going to have such a great day. Plus, it’s also very effortless on your part. All you had to do was to sign up. If this is going to be a first time for all of you, then everyone in the group is also in for a surprise.

  1. Gives New Ideas

It’s not every day that you and your peers can try out a scavenger hunt. Plus, it’s a live one at that. It’s not going to be like those video games where you’re only limited to being behind the screen. Even if you didn’t spend all the time planning for it, you’re still going to have the credit for exposure to an enjoyable and engaging activity. Especially when none of you has tried going on a scavenger hunt before, this will surely be a worthwhile experience. It should form a part of your list of things to do in Vegas.

  1. Explore Vegas In A Way You’ve Never Had Before

Going on a guided tour is one of the most common ways to see a place. But, it’s also not entirely the best way if you want to explore a place, like as if you’re a local. Through the Vegas scavenger hunt, you get to go around and explore the nooks and crannies of Vegas, as you’ve never had before. Who knows, you may even have a challenge or two that brings you to areas in Vegas that aren’t always common choices with the tourists.

With the Vegas scavenger hunt, you may get to do and enjoy the following experiences:

  • Go out, and push yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Attend random gigs or events
  • Make you more adventurous
  • Eat local food
  • Party, or interact with the locals
  1. Keeps Everyone Engaged

When you’re traveling with a group, if you’re the travel organizer, you’ll also want to keep everyone engaged and happy. On tour, however, this may not always be the case. Depending on your tour guide, there might be some guided tours that are only going to bore you out. Perhaps you may have thought it better to have explored Vegas all by yourself.

With the Vegas scavenger hunt, you don’t have to worry about this. For as long as everyone in the group is in for fun, all of you are going to be engaged and happy the whole afternoon. Right after the scavenger hunt, you’ll also have each other talking through hours of laughter about the experience. It’s a fun and unique way to see and experience Las Vegas.


When you’re off traveling to Vegas for a holiday, you might want to consider giving the whole group a new and fun experience. Vegas is known for all things bright, sparkly, loud, and fancy. But, their scavenger hunt is for everyone in the family (at least fourteen and above). How often is it that you can say you’ve joined a scavenger hunt? Not every day. This experience, therefore, will be one for the books.


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