Ways in Which Las Vegas is Bringing Cryptocurrencies and Fun on the Same Platform

It is nearly impossible to ignore the siren call of cryptocurrencies. They are practically everywhere and have found their utilities in a wide range of activities. Therefore, it is inane to refute the importance these digital currencies have in the world we live.

Cryptocurrencies have seen a rise in their popularity with several new coins being launched, and with Facebook’s entry into the domain with Libra. Needless to say, the world trusts cryptocurrencies and the economic market has seen a visible change in its fore with the advent of these digital marvels. Cryptocurrencies are now transcending the world where only investors would want to deal with them, and are spilling over to the mainstream with people from all walks of life are taking a keen interest in them. In the wake of this discussion, we shall now see how one could use cryptocurrencies in Las Vegas, a city where celebrations never stop.

Ways in Which Las Vegas is Bringing Cryptocurrencies and Fun on the Same Platform

Las Vegas is All Set to Get Its First Bitcoin Accepting Strip Club:

It is no surprise that Las Vegas is a place that is ever brimming with life and fun galore. And strip clubs just happen to be an integral part of the cultural fabric of Las Vegas. It probably shall count as a piece of joyous news when we say that Las Vegas is all set to get its first strip club that shall accept Bitcoin in all its glory. Therefore, the next time you have a tour planned to the bright land of Las Vegas, try using your Bitcoins while indulging in some fun at the strip club called The Legends Room.

MORE Las Vegas Has Its Own Cryptocurrency:

Las Vegas’ nightclub, the MORE Las Vegas has upped its game in the race of nightclubs that adorn the cityscape by introducing the MORE coin. The subtle amalgamation of Vegas’ nightlife with the crypto technology is one of a kind and acts as a way of integrating fun with the blockchain network. Also, collecting 5000 MORE coins makes you a member of the MORE club, by default. If there is any club that has been able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to bringing technology and amusement on the same platform, it is the MORE club. All that awaits now is to see what ‘more’ the club brings into the domain of cryptocurrency and frolic.

Casinos in Las Vegas Are Now Slowly Dealing in Cryptos:

Las Vegas and casinos are not mutually exclusive terms. It is not possible to imagine Las Vegas without the gambling industry. They are quite synonymous if you really think about it. Some casinos now are stepping up to accept cryptocurrencies in their deals, with safe payment gateways like Flexipay. This is a welcome relief given the way cryptocurrencies have spread its roots in almost every sector of human life. The casinos in Las Vegas are now acknowledging the importance of these digital currencies and are thus, being more inclusive of all types of currencies.

Casinos in Las Vegas Are Now Slowly Dealing in CryptosImage by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 


The very first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Vegas is its bright culture embellished with food, drinks, casinos and night clubs. Las Vegas is high on life and celebrates the smallest and the largest of victories alike. The fun only increases manifold when you have the latest technological innovations utilised in the right way, and Las Vegas has emerged to be a success story at that. It has combined the technology of the blockchain to deal with cryptocurrencies in its various fun activities, strip clubs, night clubs and casinos just being a few of them.


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