Work Toward Goals, Says Entrepreneur Nelson Tressler

Work Toward Goals, Says Entrepreneur Nelson Tressler

February, and 2020, contained an extra day as happens once every four years. Entrepreneur Nelson Tressler urged Southern Nevadans to use the time windfall to work toward something momentous. But, instead of taking an unfocused leap day leap of faith, he suggested people look first toward a goal. 

In a guest spot with anchor Nina Porciuncula on KTNV-TV, Channel 13’s morning newscast, Tressler, founder and CEO of goal achievement business 6 Months 2 Success said setting targets helps people act purposefully.


Tressler’s program employs the 6 Months 2 Success smartphone app, website, and Goal Achievement Program, which first has clients, whom he calls members, complete self-assessment exercises to target achievements and set goals.

Then, members work with Goal Success Partners in Goal Groups in 12-week achievement sprints. In monthly meetings, Goal Group members support one another, gauge progress and keep collectively focused on achievement. A Goal Guide leads and supports members as they advance.

Importantly, 6 Months 2 Success’ website states, success doesn’t end with tentpole achievements; people work toward it constantly, progressing incrementally.

Tressler, a 25-year Las Vegas Valley resident, told Porciuncula goals have helped him build success.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to start quite a few businesses, and … I’ve used goals to start those businesses and in every aspect of my life. And now, I’ve started a business to help other people use goals in personal development in their life … to achieve their life’s biggest goals.”

On 6 Months 2 Success’ leap day social media feeds, Tressler invited followers to put aside fears and seize 2020’s extra time to pursue goals.

 “What if you were at the end of your life and were gifted one additional day?  How would you spend it? Who would you spend it with? What would you spend it doing?”

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