What Is the Process of Making CBD Oil?

What Is the Process of Making CBD Oil?
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You’ve likely heard about CBD oil before, due to its new surge in popularity. However, do you actually know what goes into producing CBD oil?

There are a number of potential benefits to taking high-quality CBD oil. You may find that you’re able to focus more effectively, maintain a sense of calm, and support healthier sleep cycles, among other things. However, even if you know some of the benefits of CBD oil, you probably don’t know a lot about the manufacturing process. Before you ask, “What is CBD oil?” you should definitely ask, “Where does CBD oil come from?”

Growing the Hemp Plant

First, someone has to grow the hemp plant that will produce the CBD. This is potentially the most important part of the whole process; after all, the final CBD oil can only be as high-quality as the plant it comes from. The first step is making sure that the soil it comes from is healthy and strong. That’s why Charlotte’s Web tests the soil before it even starts planning for next year’s harvest. The plant will take in all the nutrients and minerals from that soil, but it’ll also take in any toxins nearby. This step is essential to making sure the final product doesn’t contain those toxins.

Harvesting the Hemp Plant

Once the hemp is fully grown, it’s time to harvest it and decide how to use it. Hemp is one of the world’s most profitable industrial plants. Manufacturers variously use it for paper, textiles, paint, animal feed, biofuel, and more. Because of this wealth of options, some CBD manufacturers only take the scraps left behind from these uses, then extract CBD from those scraps. Charlotte’s Web, however, believes that it’s important to only use the best pieces, and extracts the CBD from the plant’s flowers and stems.

Extracting Cannabinoids From the Hemp Plant

There are two primary ways of extracting cannabinoids from the hemp plant: CO2 and IPA. The latter extraction is extremely efficient, as more terpenes and cannabinoids remain after the process. Charlotte’s Web’s Original Formula still fully uses IPA extraction, whereas Charlotte’s Web’s other products use CO2 extraction or a mix of IPA and CO2 extraction. This allows for the most efficient methods of extraction that still produce a pure, high-quality product.

Additional Processing for CBD Isolate

The initial extracting process works well for full-spectrum products, but some people may need CBD isolate without the additional cannabinoids. To isolate the cannabidiol, or CBD, the cannabinoid mixture goes through additional processing. This ensures that only the CBD remains, with only bare traces of other cannabinoids. Charlotte’s Web uses a proprietary process to ensure you still get all the benefits of CBD without taking in additional cannabinoids if you’re not able to take them.

Bottling the Products

Once a company’s extracted the CBD or full-spectrum CBD product, it’s time to add it to certain products. Charlotte’s Web has a huge variety of products, and most of them start with the simple CBD oil. To make this, the company adds its CBD extract into organic extra virgin olive oil. After mixing it to the right strength, Charlotte’s Web then either sells it as-is or mixes that CBD oil into CBD gummies, CBD capsules, or a wide array of other products.

Third-Party Testing

Because the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements, including CBD, many CBD manufacturers instead voluntarily submit to third-party testing. This can take longer and add more expenses, but it’s an incredibly important part of making sure you get the product you think you’re paying for. Charlotte’s Web, like other leading CBD manufacturers, offers third-party batch analysis results, making sure you can see full batch analysis results for any product you purchase. That way, you know more about the safety information of the CBD oil you bought.


CBD goes through a long process from the hemp plant to your home. Many people wonder, “What is CBD oil?” but don’t think about how much work it actually takes to create that CBD oil. Low-quality CBD oil manufacturers try to cut corners as much as possible so they can make a huge profit. That’s why you need to stick with high-quality CBD manufacturers like Charlotte’s Web. Even though it may take longer and be more labor-intensive, these high-quality products will deliver in a way low-quality products simply can’t.

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