Housecleaning Service Offers Online Ordering and No-Contact Delivery

Housecleaning Service Offers Online Ordering and No-Contact Delivery

Superb Maids is branching out beyond housecleaning to offer a Groceries and Essentials Shopping Service with online ordering and no-contact delivery for those who want to limit their exposure to the public due to COVID-19 and other bugs. 

Superb Maids co-owner Elena Ledoux said the service employs fully insured and sanitary delivery people.

“Who’s the perfect person to shop for your groceries and essentials and brave the crowd of stressed-out and sneezing people? Someone who’s well-compensated, insured, gloved, masked and uses hospital-grade disinfectants — or you?” she said.

Ledoux added that traditional grocery delivery services are overloaded and severely backlogged. 

“We deliver the purchases to your doorstep, placing them on a new plastic bag that you can later discard,” she said. “You’ve got your purchases, and you didn’t have to leave the house, battle the crowds, get exposed to COVID-19 and flu. We can do this every week, twice a month or as often as you need.”

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About Superb Maids

Superb Maids is the premier licensed and insured Las Vegas home cleaning service. Owned and operated by Elena Ledoux and Nargiza Mukhutdinova, their goal is to clean their clients’ homes as well as they do their own. Superb Maids comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and move-out and move-in cleaning services are also available in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. 

For more information, call 702-721-8858, email Help@SuperbMaids.Netor visit