Hearts Alive Village Can Be Your Best Pet Resource During These Challenging Times

Hearts Alive Village Can Be Your Best Pet Resource Durng These Challenging Times
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Hearts Alive Village is a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal rescue and rehabilitation service.

If you are finding yourself financially challenged and concerned for your pet as well as yourself, Hearts Alive Village is your resource for solutions.  Things to know as we face these uncertain times:

  • Adoptions are down and intake is up at the shelters.  We all need to work together to help shelters find temporary and permanent homes for these pets facing unknown futures.
  • FOSTER: If you are working from home, aren’t working, and/or heeding expert’s advice and staying home, consider fostering.  Remember the motto, “If you are down, help someone else, you’d be amazed at how much that helps you.”
  • ADOPT: Animal experts say the best time to adopt is when you can arrange for a new pet’s arrival to coincide with your extended stay home, making this a stellar time to bring home a new family member!
  • We’ve all been advised to avoid as much contact as possible which sometimes makes volunteering difficult. However, many people around our valley either have no transportation or must self-isolate. Our pet food bank is need of transporters for dog and cat food to veterans, seniors, or other vulnerable populations. Transporting does not carry the heightened risk for exposure and is a great way to help your fellow humans and their pets.

What you can do to help keep yourself and your pets safe:

  • Avoid crowded dog parks and trails. Bathe your pets after exposure to those environments.
  • Prepare a one-months’ supply of your pet’s medication, litter, and food (if possible). Make sure their records are always accessible.
  • Wash pet bedding, leashes, collars, dishes, and toys more often.
  • Make sure to have a plan for your pet in case you may need to leave your home for extended medical care. Talk to your family and friends about being a resource for each other’s pets.

Hearts Alive Village
1750 South Rainbow Blvd.
Tel: 702-870-0065

Our main mission is to help save animals in the overcrowded shelter system and responsibly re-home them as well as providing low-cost medical and spay and neuter services. Our animals are family members and must be cared for particularly during these difficult and uncertain times.

About Hearts Alive Village

Hearts Alive Village is a non-profit 501(c)(3) located in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, founded in 2013 out of an intense need to help save dogs and cats that were losing their lives in an overcrowded shelter system. We provide medical treatment, a safe and comfortable place to heal, and adoption services with a passion for senior pet placement at two centrally located facilities.

Our main objective is to keep animals out of the shelter in the first place by supporting struggling, low-income pet owners. We maintain a pet food bank, offer low cost spay/neuter and other medical services, and help to responsibly re-home, as well as provide educational and training resources.

For more information, to make a donation, adopt a pet, or volunteer, please call 702-595-0644,  visit HeartsAliveVillage.org or follow on Instagram @heartsaliveanimalrescue.