Nevada COVID-19 Response, Relief and Recovery Task Force Creates COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Administered by the Nevada Community Foundation

Nevada COVID-19 Response, Relief and Recovery Task Force Creates COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Administered by the Nevada Community Foundation

Nevada COVID-19 Response, Relief and Recovery Task Force, a recently-formed public-private partnership overseen by Gov. Steve Sisolak’s office and the Nevada Health Response Center, has established the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. The task force is headed by former MGM CEO Jim Murren, who was recently appointed by Gov. Sisolak to lead the state’s recovery efforts. Nevada Community Foundation is serving as fiscal agent for the fund, which will be used for the following charitable purposes:

  • To make grants and payments to assist the State of Nevada and its political subdivisions in responding to COVID-19;
  • To provide assistance and supplies to first responders and healthcare providers (individuals and institutions);
  • To aid Nevada nonprofits in addressing and recovering from the COVID-19 emergency;
  • To provide assistance to Nevada residents impacted by the COVID-19 emergency, particularly those most vulnerable because of health, economic or other circumstances; and,
  • To take such actions and make such payments as Nevada Community Foundation determines appropriate to respond to the COVID-19 emergency.

Online donations to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund may be made here:

“I am deeply appreciative of Gov. Sisolak’s leadership as we work to assemble a robust and comprehensive team to help Nevada prepare for, respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Murren. “The Fund will help to ensure our state has the resources it needs to effectively deal with this crisis. It will take all of us to prevail. Collectively, we can generate the funding necessary to help protect and support the citizens of our great state, and put Nevada back on track once the crisis has passed.”

“We are honored and humbled to partner with Gov. Sisolak, Jim Murren and a host of stakeholders, nonprofits and partners to help Nevada recover from the COVID-19 virus,” said Gian Brosco, president and CEO, Nevada Community Foundation. “Unprecedented in scope and impact, this global pandemic will have far reaching effects on our state that can only be overcome if we work together. We are committed to doing all we can to support the mission and efforts of the task force and the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.”   

On Mar. 18, Nevada Community Foundation established a COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund which was jumpstarted with a $10,000 donation from the Duncan and Irene Lee family. Duncan Lee chairs the Nevada Community Foundation board. Now, as result of the partnership with the task force, the original fund will be merged with the new COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund that has significantly enlarged the scope of eligible beneficiaries to which funds may be distributed.

Nevada joins many other states and cities across the country that are tapping community foundations to help raise and grant funds quickly to those most in need. According to data compiled by the Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative, nearly 170 community foundations spanning 49 states and the District of Columbia have already created Covid-19 response funds to mobilize more than $238.7 million nationwide.

For information and frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, please visit the Nevada Community Foundation website here and/or email