108 Years After Its Tragic Sinking, Experience the RMS Titanic Like Never Before With Titanic: The Virtual Experience

108 Years After Its Tragic Sinking, Experience the Rms Titanic Like Never Before With Titanic: The Virtual Experience
The largest artifact ever recovered, appropriately called The Big Piece

To commemorate the 108th anniversary of the RMS Titanic’s tragic sinking on April 15, 1912, TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition, which has permanent installations in Las Vegas and Orlando, is now available to experience virtually for the first time ever through TITANIC: The Virtual Experience. 

Sprawling the entire 25,000 square feet exhibition, users will get an up-close view of living history, including nearly 400 artifacts recovered directly from the Titanic’s wreck site, dramatic recreations and to-scale replicas of the ship’s cabins and common areas, never-before-seen video content of the ship today and artifact recovery processes, and more. 

TITANIC: The Virtual Experience is a renewable, one-week virtual tour that is accessible on computers, tablets and mobile devices. For more information, visit Titanic.live.

To further commemorate the anniversary, the first 108 users will receive free access for one-week to the virtual experience at no cost; enter code 109anniversary at checkout for free access. Special offer is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The virtual experience is available at two price levels; the Light Version for $5 and the Full Version for $15. Each price level is accessible for one week and can be renewed at the point of purchase. Experience offerings include:

Light Version – $5

  • Virtual walkthrough of the 13 galleries inside the 25,000 square feet exhibition
  • Detailed information and photos of each artifact on display
  • View what life was like aboard the “Ship of Dreams” through full-scale room re-creations of the Grand Staircase, Promenade Deck, Veranda Café, and more
  • View the largest piece ever recovered, a 15-ton portion of the Ship’s hull
  • Learn about conservation and recovery efforts of the artifacts recovered from the ocean floor

Full Version – $15

  • All offerings of the basic tour experience
  • Audio tour available in multiple languages
  • Exclusive video content
    • Dive Expedition 2010 – Video of artifacts as they are being recovered from the wreck site at the ocean floor
    • Dive Expedition 2010 – Video of curators on board the recovery ship discussing the artifacts immediately after they were pulled from the ocean floor
    • Dive Expedition 2010 – Video from Titanic’s wreck site, including underwater footage of the Ship’s bow, stern, vast debris field, and more
  • Animated timeline of Titanic from the point of striking the iceberg to the sinking
  • Additional facts and information about Titanic, the wreck site, artifacts, personal stories of her passengers and crew

The virtual tour features more than 400 items from Titanic that are now on display at TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition, all recovered from two and a half miles below the surface of the North Atlantic. Items on display include personal belonging of the ship’s passengers and crew including luggage, whistles, eyeglasses, and more. In addition, floor tiles from the first-class smoking room, a window frame from the Verandah Café, and an unopened bottle of champagne with a 1900 vintage are featured. The Full Version also offers users an exclusive look at never-before-seen video footage of ship and artifact recovery.

While learning the story behind the legendary ship’s short journey from construction and destruction to eventual recovery, users will witness an actual piece of Titanic’s hull, a full-scale re-creation of the Grand Staircase, authentically re-created first and third-class rooms with furnishings by original manufactures, as well as a newly expanded outer Promenade Deck. The personal artifacts on display and dramatic recreations of her hallowed halls and cabins offer haunting, emotional connections to the forever-altered lives of those onboard Titanic.

TITANIC: The Virtual Experience is available exclusively at Titanic.live. The first 108 individuals to download will receive the Full Version for free using code 109anniversary.