Top 5 Essential Tools For Cutting Hair

Top 5 Essential Tools For Cutting Hair
Image by bk_numberone from Pixabay

Do you know how different haircutting tools perform to achieve a certain hairstyle? It is true that all styled hair looks different because it is obtained using various tools. Every haircutting tool has its significance to accomplish a style. A razor cut hair is completely distinct from a scissor cut or a trimmer. Each individual has their own priority and choice when it comes to haircuts, some go for scissors whereas others would opt for other tools for a cut.

Let’s see what tools are used by hairdressers to give clients their required looks.

Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are not much different from normal cutting scissors but have their own purpose which is to thin, texturize the ends and straighten the hair. They are designed with teeth on either or both sides of the shears. Hair can be textured and thinned depending on the gaps between the teeth. Thinning shears are a really good tool to bring volume in your hair using different techniques. However the quality of the shears plays a major role, a cheap one might not give expected results as a good one.  

Haircutting Shears

Haircutting scissors are unlike other types of scissors available in the market used for different purposes. They are designed with special specifications to provide maximum comfort and ease to the hairdresser so that they can bring precision and perfection in their cuts. These include:

  • Size of shear typically around 5-7 inches.
  • Sharpness must be perfect.
  • Grip of the hole must not hurt the fingers
  • Have a tang for pinky to rest.
  • Shape of the scissors.
  • Designed to prevent tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hair Razors

If you are someone who does not want to go for preciseness and straight cuts then razor cuts are the best option to go for, since the cuts are not perfectly straight as cutting shears’. There are different kinds of razors like combed and straight used for the required style, however, combed razors give you more control over the tool. We recommend getting a scissor cut followed by razor to achieve the best styles. 

Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are ideal for short and super clean cuts. Army and commando cuts are easily achieved by clippers to get extreme precision. There are a variety of good options from economical to high rated ones for this category of hair tools. 


These are similar to hair clippers in that they are ideal for adding intricate details on your head. Trimmers can reach into small areas like behind your ears to shape up your hairline. Trimmers can support artistic designs and creativity of hairdressers since they provide the utmost comfort and ease in terms of functionality.

All the above are the most basic tools used by hairdressers around the world to give their clients the best hairstyles that suit their personality and choice. Furthermore, there are many more ways and techniques besides haircutting to acquire a head-turning personality change.