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Thrive Cannabis Marketplace Introduces New Specials to Celebrate 4/20

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace Introduces New Specials to Celebrate 4/20

THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace, which now provides cannabis delivery 24/7 in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Mesquite, Mt. Charleston and Pahrump*, offers several specials in recognition of the 4/20 cannabis “holiday.” These specials will be available on an ongoing basis while supplies last. Specials include:

  • Select 1/8 ounces: $25
  • Select 100 mg edibles: $20
  • Select 1/2-gram concentrates: $20
  • Additional specials to be announced through April 20

Delivery orders may be placed online at THRIVE delivery minimum purchases start at $75 and vary based on location in addition to a $5 delivery fee; orders over $100 receive FREE delivery. All delivery customers must provide a valid ID proving they are at least 21 years of age or a qualified medical patient. Debit and cash payments are accepted at time of delivery. Cannabis patients and recreational customers can place their order for delivery here. Updates on THRIVE’s delivery service can be found on THRIVE’s Instagram page.

*Delivery within the Las Vegas valley takes place within three to six hours of order placement; delivery times to other destinations vary based on demand.