NO COST Telehealth Mental Health Counseling Services for All Ages Available with Licensed Therapists at FirstMed Health and Wellness Center

FirstMed Health and Wellness Center (FirstMed), a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC) that provides comprehensive mental health services for ages five and older to low income and under-served families in Southern Nevada, is offering no cost mental health telehealth appointments with licensed therapists and counselors during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to Angela Quinn, CEO, FirstMed Health and Wellness Center, the facility has more than 24 licensed therapists on staff, including three psychiatrists, with some therapists specializing in children and teens and all who have been trauma trained. 

“The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on mental health is significant, regardless of age,” said Quinn.  “Even young children feel the stress of their parents, who may be dealing with job and income loss, as well as physical hardship.  Children and teens may be suffering from feelings of isolation with schools closed. A global pandemic affects much more than just the physical health of our community; it affects the very core of our souls and our sense of well-being.  That’s why FirstMed is offering free counseling services for all ages.”   

Telehealth mental health appointments are available via video or phone Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

FirstMed provides primary care on a discounted fee basis to those who are uninsured, undocumented or are covered by Medicaid.  Mental health services are being made available to everyone regardless of ability to pay.

HOW:  You can access all telehealth services via mobile or landline phone, or on any device with an internet connection, such as a laptop or tablet.  Call 702-731-0909 to set up a telehealth appointment, and have your insurance information ready, if you have insurance.  If not, you will be provided with free service. You will receive instructions on how to start your first telehealth appointment on the device of your choice.