6 Latest Technologies All Set to Revolutionize Pest Control

6 Latest Technologies All Set to Revolutionize Pest Control

Farming and agriculture have been employed by mankind ever since the age of enlightenment, and now technological marvels are helping to overcome many agricultural hurdles and challenges.  In pest control, many new and innovative technological advancements promise to revolutionize pest solutions.  If caterpillars are eating your crop, you have less to worry about as there are many advanced ways to deal with them. Check i49 for more information specifically about caterpillars. 

Here are some of the latest technologies being used for effective pest control in the modern world:

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things not only makes your life easier and connects you 24/7 to both your home and office; It is now doing a pretty fine job of detecting unwanted pests. There are many smart IoT devices that detect the motion of pests in your home and plants and send you an alert regarding it.  You can then deal with pests at the larval stage and protect your home from any irreparable damage. 

Biorational Material 

The major problem with conventional methods of pest control is their negative impact on the environment. The use of biorational materials with pests is an amazing advancement. These materials, such as pheromones, have zero negative impact on the environment, and still efficiently accomplish the deed. This is one of the latest methods, and universities around the world continue to conduct research on commercial usage of biorational materials. 

AI-Driven Technology 

Recently, a group of Stevens Institute of Technology researchers developed new technology. They combined artificial intelligence, vibroacoustic insect libraries, and extremely sensitive vibration sensors to detect and eliminate pests that remain concealed inside plants and trees. This system is portable and can be attached to any plant or tree to detect the presence of pests at the early stages. This technology has the potential to protect plants from any damage due to early detection. 

Non-Toxic Heat Treatments 

While heat has no direct relation with functioning as a pesticide, modern technology has still managed to come up with a way to make it relevant.  It is a well-known fact that insects and pests thrive in the heat. However, different studies suggest that heat carries negative effects on them as well.  This is where scientists and researchers noted a clue and were able to employ non-toxic heat to kill pests. 

A high beam of infrared rays is used to target insects or pests on the surface of a plant without causing any physical damage to it. The pests succumb to dehydration and physical changes induced by the infrared rays.

Monitoring and Trapping Devices 

Depending upon pest type, different techniques have been employed for ages to trap them.  In our modern age, these techniques have evolved into sophisticated technological devices. 

There are many devices available on the market to trap specific kinds of pests based on their attack mechanism. The way these devices work is that they initially monitor pests in the plants,  which activates their trapping mechanism.  They then trap the insects based on their movement or attack.  This is also very environmentally friendly pest control.