Affordable Jeans for Plus-Sized Women

Affordable Jeans for Plus-Sized Women
Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Today’s society is well on its way to acknowledging that women have different body types, and that’s okay. It used to be the case that plus-sized women had a lot of trouble finding clothes that fit them comfortably and looked great. Options were limited, and most curvy women had to go out of their way to find specialized stores that sold clothing in their size. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

Find Plus-Sized Jeans Online

Online commerce has changed the way that all women shop, including plus-sized women. Ladies can now head online to check out their favorite styles for any season and find them in exactly the size they need. Those having a hard time finding online retailers that sell comfortable, fashionable plus-sized jeans can contact Filly Flair today to find out how to have popular styles shipped straight to their houses.

Finding the Right Fit

Since women wear their weight differently, it’s important to take body shape into account when buying jeans. Women with an hourglass or pear body shape often have trouble finding jeans that fit over their hips and still provide a comfortable fit at the waist. They should try denim mixed with spandex or another stretchy material to ensure a proper fit.

Ladies who are more top-heavy need to look for styles that are roomy at the waist but fitted through the leg. Plus-sized skinny jeans that have a little bit of stretch to provide a great solution. Don’t be put off by the name. They’re not glorifying stick-thin models. It’s the fit of the jeans, themselves, that’s skinny.

Those with wide hips may want to stray away from straight-leg jeans and boyfriend jeans. They’re just not great for exceptionally curvy women since those curves can compromise the silhouette and make them uncomfortable. Try boot-cut or skinny jeans instead.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

The advice offered above must be taken with a grain of salt. Comfort and personal style should always come first when it comes to clothes shopping, so feel free to experiment and try different styles. If the jeans don’t create quite the same silhouette, that’s fine as long as they’re comfortable and they look good.

Current Trends

Jeans will never go out of style, but preferences regarding cut tend to change with the seasons. In 2020, vintage denim is in. Part of this trend takes distressed denim one step further by hearkening back to the grunge era of the 1990s with intentional rips and acid washes. High-wasted jeans are also in this year, and so are tight fits, but for most fashionistas, skinny jeans are starting to lose some fans.

What to Wear With Jeans

There’s really no wrong way to wear jeans. Paired with a nice blouse, fitted jeans will look great for a night out on the town. Distressed jeans and looser cuts pair perfectly with informal tops for days at the beach or running quick errands out of the house. When in doubt, women can turn to other plus-sized fashionistas styling inspiration.

The Bottom Line

Every body is beautiful, and plus-sized women look and feel just as good in jeans as their supermodel-skinny friends. Like all women, larger women need only to find the right styles and cuts to fit their body types. From there, they can get started experimenting with different outfits and styling options to figure out what works.