What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Vegas

What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Vegas
Image by stokpic from Pixabay

When this lockdown lifts, you’re going to want to let your hair down (that is, after you finally get it cut). And there’s no better place on earth to let your hair down than Las Vegas. 

If you’re planning a summer trip to Las Vegas, it’s wise to start planning now; people all over the world are liable to have the exact same idea. Part of the planning process is understanding what to pack for the desert heat and the air-conditioned casinos – how to strike a balance between comfort and class. 

In this post, let’s look at a few easy tips you can follow to ensure you pack everything you need (and nothing you don’t). 

Pack Breathable Clothing

Las Vegas is a dry heat. But don’t let its aridity fool you: it can make you sweat like nothing else. For summer strolls along the strip, pack breathable, sweat-wicking clothing, like merino wool. 

The great thing about merino wool – and the reason it’s recommended here – is that, in addition to keeping you cool in the heat, it also insulates in cool climates. That means when you walk inside an aggressively air-conditioned casino, the transition won’t be too jarring. 

A lot of merino products are unfortunately designed for joggers and hikers, but notable websites like Unboundmerino.com make stylish merino apparel you can dress up or down. Which leads to the next tip…

Bring Shoes that Dress Up and Down

Las Vegas is a heady mix of casual recreation and formal class. You want something you can wear to the poolside. But you also want something you can wear to the nightclub. You want something for lounging in front of a slot machine. But you also want something you can wear to a fancy steakhouse. 

You have one of two options: you can pack two pairs of shoes, one for each occasion. Or, if you want to pack light, you can try and strike a middle ground. Here are a few shoe types you can dress up or down: 

  • Boat shoes, or deck shoes
  • Monk strap shoes
  • Loafers
  • A simple all-black sneaker
  • Flats
  • Or Mules

Any of these shoes will work for both daytime comfort and night-time fun. 

Don’t Forget Sunscreen, Lotion and Hand Sanitizer

The trifecta of liquids you need to pack are sunscreen, lotion and hand sanitizer. The sunscreen is obvious – given the punishing sunshine in Nevada, you’ll want plenty of it around to keep you from turning into one of those buffet lobsters. The lotion is because, given the dry heat in Las Vegas, your skin may dry out, and you want to keep it as silky as possible. 

Don’t Forget Sunscreen, Lotion and Hand Sanitizer
Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

The hand-sanitizer, especially in light of the global pandemic, is important because a lot of hands touch those slot machine buttons, those poker chips, those cards and dice. 

Download a Timer App

This last one doesn’t take any space in your bag, but it’s important for enjoying Vegas. Don’t fall too far down a gambling hole. Give yourself a window of time for gambling and stick within it by setting yourself a timer. If you don’t already have a timer app on your phone (most do) simply download one before you touch down. Here are a few other tips for first-time casino gamblers.

Start planning your vacation now. Once lockdown lifts, Sin City’s going to be flooded!