Best Las Vegas Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Best Las Vegas Instagram Accounts to Follow
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Influencers in Las Vegas are extremely important because they help to grow and expand different industries and events like new opening restaurants and where visitors and tourists can stay. 

Here are the people in Las Vegas who make the news, waves of decisions, thoughts, and likes:

  1. ( Manny Kess ) Baller Brander 
  2. ( Scott Roeben ) Duke of Downtown 
  3. ( Michael Uzmann ) Yelper Grower 
  4. ( Amanda Kouretas ) Real Housewife of Las Vegas 
  5. ( John Curtas ) Restaurant Pimp 
  6. ( Norm Clarke ) Entertainment Driver 

Here are 10 Instagram accounts that should be followed by any Las Vegas locals: 

1.        Vegas

Las Vegas Insta is one of the most popular accounts, covering a little bit of everything in the region for locals and newcomers. Beneficial to both locals and visitors, this page keeps track of its 645,000 Instagram followers on events, shopping, local markets, local sports teams, concerts, The Strip, etc.

2.        FremontStreet

There is no doubt that Fremont Street is at the center, iconic and popular part of the downtown for locals to hang out. One good way to keep up to date about the community activities and events in the city is to follow the Fremont Street Instagram account. They also post updates on new festivals, changes to casinos and night lives in the area, notifications of building projects, and profitable information in the background.

3.        ReviewJournal

Review Journal, the largest newspaper in the city, has an Instagram account that serves as an outgrowth of what is inside their pages and on their online platforms. You can track the company’s news breaking section, sports videos, amusing animations, and comics, as well as memories from Las Vegas.

4.        ClarkCountyNV

Things relating to authority in the Strip, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Las Vegas, Boulder City, and Mesquite can be found easily on Clark County  homepage under topics like the origins of local updates, blood donations, community events, and inaugurations. 

5.        ClarkCountySCH

Their Instagram page is a valuable tool for families with kids, as it covers all topics related to the area of education. You can find content on various educational programs, school certification, positive and uplifting posts, highlights and functionalities on schools around the Valley, and even suggestions on how to keep kids entertained on different occasions.

6.        LasVegasWeekly 

You should get used to checking out the Las Vegas Weekly Free magazine at gyms, local gaming bars, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. It’s a fantastic tool to get exclusive news about local celebrities, world game beaters making the newest headlines and hot spots in town, and more. 

7.        VegasIssues

Meme accounts on Instagram are popular stuff that Vegas Issues is one of its best ones. This city-centered page is loaded with playful stories, jokes, videos, and other material designed to keep the local people entertained and interested in the positives and negatives of living in Las Vegas.

8.        CityofLasVegas

The City of Las Vegas on Instagram run by City Hall highlights all areas of downtown Las Vegas and locals’ life. Look at this page for information about town halls, trendy restaurants, central or neighborhood business openings, gorgeous city shots, and some awesome vintage pictures.

9.        VegasGoldenKnights 

The Vegas Golden Knights is always the first significant professional sports page in Las Vegas, so it is a must-follow account for sports fans of course. Join the Instagram team page to be known about teams’ leaders, teams’ results, game videos, updates, and timelines in detail.

10.      TheLasVegasFoodie 

The only thing that’s better than finding the city’s world-famous restaurants is to examine their amazing social media content first. Thankfully that has been covered by the Las Vegas Foodie page. This account posts absurd pictures and videos of some of the city’s greatest food in and out of the Strip. We warned if you are dieting or haven’t eaten anything for a long time, don’t look at this account.

Best Las Vegas Instagram Accounts to Follow
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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