6 Things Every Business Needs to Succeed Amid COVID-19

6 Things Every Business Needs to Succeed Amid COVID-19
Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

6 Things Every Business Needs to Succeed Amid COVID-19

The novel coronavirus is a respiratory illness that can cause death and long-term health issues. In March 2020, governments around the globe ordered non-essential businesses to close and required citizens to stay at home to prevent the spread of the disease. There were over two million people in the United States confirmed to have COVID-19 as of June 2020.

The lockdown has had a significant impact on businesses and how they operate. You can ensure your business succeeds amid this healthcare crisis by using the following resources or strategies.

1. Protective Equipment

The primary methods of transmitting the virus are through droplets expelled from a person’s mouth or nose and direct contact with a person with the illness. When people are exposed to the virus and touch their face, they are more likely to get COVID-19.

Wearing a face mask prevents you from expelling droplets that could infect other people if you have the virus. You will reassure customers that they are safe in your business by having your staff wear masks. Face masks also prevent transmission through the mouth or nose because those orifices are covered.

Gloves protect employees from direct contact with a person or objects they have touched. Your staff will be less likely to get COVID-19 if they wear gloves when working. Customers will also know it’s unlikely they will contract the coronavirus by touching items in your store if your employees are wearing gloves.

2. Electronics

Invest in routers to enable staff to increase the distance between their work stations or work from home. Purchase new routers with a better range so that you can connect computers to your wireless routers and promote social distancing when employees work on-site.

You can also purchase computers to enable staff to work remotely. Invest in laptops with a video camera so your staff team can meet via live video to discuss projects safely. Video conferencing will promote social distancing and ensure the safety of your staff team.

3. Software and Apps

Photo by Amir Hanna on Unsplash

You can invest in BrightPattern software to enable clients to contact staff when they are working remotely. Bright Pattern’s software includes artificial intelligence (AI) that processes queries and directs the communication to the most appropriate staff member available at that time. Staff will be able to work remotely and still provide customer service.

You will also need to invest in the appropriate software staff need to work remotely. You may choose to use a communication platform, such as Slack, to facilitate staff communication. You can post announcements on communication platforms and create channels for specific staff members to discuss projects or issues.

4. Online Store

Online shopping has increased significantly due to the lockdown. Businesses that have a store on their website or use online vendors to sell merchandise have been able to continue selling products safely. You can invest in an online store builder or hire a web developer to set up an online store for your business.

5. SEO Marketing

Have a robust online presence to compete with other companies selling merchandise online. You can increase web traffic by boosting your domain authority (DA) score. This score determines where your site is listed when a search engine produces a list of search results. Your site will benefit from increased exposure and traffic with a good DA score.

One way to boost your score is by using search engine optimization (SEO) content experts to produce on-site content featuring keywords relevant to your business. SEO marketers can also create off-site content that links to your website to increase site traffic organically. You can even promote this content on your company’s social media channels and through your company newsletter.

6. Onsite Modifications

Some businesses, such as pharmacies and grocery stores, have to maintain store hours. You can protect employees and customers by modifying your business environment. Install doors with sensors, so people are not touching doors when they enter. Install faucets and toilets with sensors to limit direct contact with physical items in the bathroom.

Have your business’s ventilation system serviced to ensure it is working effectively. Make sure it is not recycling air since recycled air can increase the risk of exposure to the virus.

You can also reduce the risk of transmission by limiting the number of people allowed in your store, installing plastic screens around cubicles or checkouts, and using arrows to guide traffic and prevent people from crossing paths as much as possible.