Acres and Curaleaf Dispensaries Offer July 10 Deals Featuring Oils, Infusions

Acres and Curaleaf Dispensaries Offer July 10 Deals Featuring Oils, Infusions

Acres Cannabis (2320 Western Boulevard) and Curaleaf Boulevard (1736 S. Las Vegas Boulevard) dispensaries will offer special deals in recognition of July 10. Cannabis consumers widely refer to July 10, or 7/10, as a day to celebrate cannabis oil and oil-infused products, because the numbers seven and 10 written numerically spell “oil” when flipped upside down.

Cannabis oil may be consumed in a variety of ways, including via vape cartridge, made into concentrates or infused into edibles.

Both Curaleaf and Acres dispensaries will offer the following special offers on July 10 only:

  • Buy One, Get One for $10 on Select cartridges
  • $25 UKU cartridges
  • 7g House of Herbs shake for only $25 

In addition, Acres Cannabis will offer a Delivery Bundle Deal for just $140 through Sunday, July 12. This deal includes products from Select, which is the United States’ No. 1 cannabis oil brand, a West-Coast lifestyle brand that was acquired by Curaleaf in February 2020. Select maintains the highest industry-standard practices for quality control to ensure the overall efficacy and the best product experience possible.

As a recognized industry leader, Select has gained popularity in both medical and adult-use markets across nine states, including Nevada, Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Maryland, Oklahoma and Connecticut. With this summer’s addition of four more states, the brand will be available in 13 markets and is on track to become the first nationally recognized consumer cannabis brand.

The Delivery Bundle Deal includes: 

From Acres

  • 14 grams of Kronocaine 20 percent THC
  • .5 grams of Cinex Shatter
  • .5 grams of GG4 Shatter

From FloraVega

  • Two 1.2-gram pre rolls
  • Pineapple Express 21 percent THC

From Select

  • 100-milligram Berry Buzz Classic Gummy
  • 100-milligram Tropical Trip Classic Gummy

Plus, each delivery bundle includes a Curaleaf swag gift. With delivery orders, all customers must be age 21 or older. Customers must meet the driver curbside, pay in cash and have exact change. All orders will be rounded up to the nearest dollar to simplify the payment process; the change will be donated to local charities serving those affected by the COVID-19 impact. Delivery orders may be placed at

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