Asphalt Shingles – Know Your Options

Asphalt Shingles – Know Your Options
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Availability and cost are the most attractive features that drive the popularity of asphalt shingles, which is the most popular roofing material today. Add to this the styling options and the guaranteed lifespan, and you will hardly have anything better when you are on a budget.

Warranties offered by asphalt shingles manufacturers vary between 15-30 years, the wide range taking care of the weather conditions as well as the climate and the environment of the place. You must consider this aspect to know what to expect from the roof that you are installing.

For example, asphalt shingles installed in places that experience long summer heat would require faster INSERT ment than roofs installed in cooler places. In sub-tropical areas, asphalt shingles roofs are prone to algae and fungi growth and would require more maintenance to ensure the durability says the experts at Storm Pros Roofing Columbus GA.

In this article, we will discuss asphalt shingles materials and styles.

Organic shingles

The traditional asphalt shingles consist of a material derived from a mixture of recycled felt-paper layer saturated with asphalt to impart water-resistant property and coated with adhesive asphalt infused with ceramic granules.  This kind of organic mat-based asphalt is quite heavy and costly than its fiberglass shingles. Organic shingles are more flexible and rugged but prone to warping over time because of its absorbent properties. These are less environmentally friendly due to the additional asphalt content.

Fiberglass shingles

These shingles are fabricated from fiberglass base mat with a waterproof asphalt coating and topped with ceramic granules that offer UV protection from sunlight. The composition of the shingles allows less use of asphalt to enhance strength and durability. That results in a thinner and lightweight roofing material. Fiberglass shingles have better fire-resistant properties than organic shingles and are higher durability as evident from the longer guarantee than organic shingles. Although developed in the 1980s, fiberglass shingles are quickly taking over the organic shingles in popularity.

Types of asphalt shingles

The standard size of asphalt shingles is 12×36 inches for any type of material, fiberglass, or organic mat. It is available in two types.

Architectural shingles – An additional layer of lamination with added asphalt is the specialty of architectural shingles that typically do not have any cut-outs. This creates the contoured, dimensional looks from which it derives the name. Layers of asphalt sealant bond on the surface of the shingles and enhance its water resisting property. Architectural shingles are not good for low-slope roofing due to its vulnerability to wind-driven rain.

Three-tab shingles – Three-tab shingle have cut-outs along the lower edge that gives it a distinct look. As a result, when installed, the shingles appear as three separate pieces from which it derives the name. These shingles are most economical and even most popular, having been available for a longer time than architectural shingles.

Styles and colors

The style of asphalt shingles has evolved and can mimic the looks of slate, tile, or wood shakes. Varied shingles shape helps to achieve different architectural styles like Victorian architecture and Colonial homes.

A wide range of colors is available that helps to achieve your aesthetical goals.