Equality Nevada Pushing Inclusive Curriculum Standards Bill to DC This Weekend

Equality Nevada Pushing Inclusive Curriculum Standards Bill to DC This Weekend

Chris Davin, the Executive Director from Equality Nevada (and the new LBGTQ center to open in Henderson) and his team are on their way to DC tomorrow to push for Nevada get the Inclusive Curriculum Standards Bill ready for legislation in 2021 and be the sixth state in the US to have LGBTQ History passed along with various other historical history on other cultures and movements.  

The nonprofit recognizes know that our youth are growing up not knowing the important people in history and it is their goal to have the educational curriculum changed in Nevada to include that. Equality Nevada is a non-profit charity and advocacy organization. We fight for civil rights, using all of our resources to secure full equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

The nonprofit advocates achieving fair treatment and equal opportunity for all Nevadans regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. equalitynevada.org

Chris Davin is a long time resident of Las Vegas NV since 2011. He has been the owner of a long time limo transportation company that has operated in 27 different states and 3 countries. As a committed volunteer for many HIV/AIDS organizations, Chris decided to bring various nonprofit organizations to the Southern Nevada area. In 2010 he started became President of Equality Project, 2017 he was on the board of Fargo-Moorhead Pride, 2018 on the associate board of Las Vegas Pride, 2018 the President of Equality Nevada, 2019 CO-Chair on GLSEN Southern Nevada’s steering committee and recently in 2019 the Executive Director of Henderson Equality Center. Today more than ever, we need organizations for our community that will help grow and bring people together. 

Bill: https://www.equalitynv.org/2020/06/18/inclusive-curriculum-standards-bill-to-be-introduced-in-2021-nv-legislation/