Nano Hearing Aid Reviews: What Consumers Say

Nano Hearing Aid Reviews: What Consumers Say

Hearing loss affects the general well-being of many people, and until recently, the high prices of hearing aids made it impossible for many to correct their hearing problems. NANO hearing aids have filled the gap in the market and their various affordable models have caught the attention of the public. The various NANO models are gathering excellent reviews and they have become some of the most popular hearing aids in the U.S. 

What does the latest academic research on hearing aids show? 

Researchers have for years aired their concerns that one of the leading disabilities in older people is age-related hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss affects 25% of adults between the ages of 60 and 60. However, by the age of 80 years and older, it increases to 80%.  Because age-related hearing loss is very common around the world, the demand for hearing aids that are rechargeable has gone up drastically over the past few years

Unfortunately, the problems that arise from hearing loss include self-isolation and depression. The effects of these two leads to an increase in several medical conditions, including dementia and heart disease. People with hearing loss are also more prone to falls and the fractures that accompany them. 

Additionally, hearing loss affects communication with their physicians. This is a barrier in ensuring effective diagnosis and ongoing treatment for the health issues among this age group. 

One of the biggest barriers to hearing aid ownership has been price. Other problems that arise are the stigma of hearing loss and accessibility to the appropriate services. 

The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Diseases (NIDCD) started to tackle some of these, with accessibility and affordability forming the backbone of their effort. They have since recommended to the FDA that over-the-counter hearing (OTC) devices are affordable and effective devices for age-related hearing loss. These hearing aids offered the same benefits as those hearing aids purchased from audiologists. 

Their findings come from the latest academic research on hearing aids which shows that people were generally more satisfied with OTC devices because they were able to independently adjust the sound settings of their devices to accommodate changes to their acoustic environment. In another study, it was shown that when divided into two groups, OTC hearing aid models and audiologist fitted ones offered similar benefits to both groups. 

Reviews of Nano Hearing Aids

Nano hearing aids aim to fill the gap between very cheap hearing aids and very expensive ones. Affordable hearing aids do not need to compromise on quality, but consumers cannot expect to get the same quality of hearing from a $30 pair of hearing aids as they will from very expensive ones. This is where Nano has come to fill the gap, by offering affordable hearing aids that do not compromise on acoustic quality. All their models get positive customer reviews. 

Nano X2R reviews

The award-winning Nano X2R is currently one of the most popular hearing aid models. It is the best choice for consumers because it has many technologically advanced features that offer excellent sound quality. Battery changes have long been one of the biggest issues with hearing aid users, and the Nano X2R does away with this completely. It offers 12 hours of power on a full charge of about 4 hours. 

Consumer reviews indicate that they love the fact that they are discreet, comfortable, and offer them a better hearing, allowing them to get back to their normal life once more. 

Nano Sigma Reviews

Not only are Nano Sigma hearing aids getting rave reviews because they are wireless, but also because they can be controlled from a Smartphone device through the Nano Mobile App. The Nano Mobile App also allows users of the Nano Sigma to take a hearing test and to adjust the hearing aids accordingly, with just one click. 

Users have the autonomy to adjust the settings according to various sound frequencies and different listening environments. Nano Sigma reviews indicate that their price is superb for the quality they offer.

Nano SX2000 reviews

Impressive results at 5 times less than expensive hearing aids are what customers who have bought these hearing aids are saying in their reviews. Their size is impressively small and they have volume and frequency controls that are easy to use. Nano SX2000 reviews show that customers are also very impressed with the feedback control and noise reduction settings of the Nano SX2000. 

Nano CIC reviews

These are Nano’s in the ear devices and are available in two models: the Nano CIC rechargeable and the Nano CIC Digital. Nano CIC reviews indicate that consumers are pleased with the volume adjustments and how easy it is to cancel background noise with them. 

What else are Nano customer reviews showing? 

Nano customers are not only pleased with how their price compares favorably to their sound quality but also attest to their friendly, reliable, and responsive customer service. For many, the autonomy of being able to adjust their hearing aids is what has won them over. Customers are thrilled that they don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for hearing aids that need them to repeatedly visit an audiologist for adjustments. 

Reviews of Costco Hearing Aids

The most popular hearing aids at Costco are the Kirkland Signature, their house brand. Costco also keeps a wide range of other hearing aids. Costco does offer a wide range of hearing aids, and reviews of Costco hearing aids show that a lot of these are at lower prices than can be bought from audiologists. They do have professional hearing specialists at most of their stores, but reviewers indicate that it is inconvenient to be there in person for an appointment, especially if they live far from a store. Reviews of Costco hearing aids show that the programs on the hearing aids are locked so that they can only be adjusted by them and reviewers find that even their lowest priced hearing aids are still unaffordable. 

Reviews of MD Hearing Aids 

MD Hearing Aids has digital and analog models at good prices. Reviews of MD Hearing Aids show that one of their most popular models is the Core that also offers the most advanced technology from their four behind-the-ear models. 

Avoiding hearing aid scams

Hearing aid scams do abound, so consumers need to be careful. Reliable hearing aid providers offer guarantees and respond to customer queries through their consumer helplines. 

Not all online sellers are reliable and consumers need to know what the total price is of the hearing aids they are buying, if they have a trial period, and if the hearing aids have a warranty. The FDA has regulations about the manufacture and sales of hearing aids, and the FTC enforces regulations that prohibit misleading advertising and sales practices. 

The best hearing aids have FDA approval and the companies that supply them offer a manual with instructions for their use. They also undertake repairs and maintenance and offer a trial period.

Consumers should be wary of online hearing aid scams and should avoid ordering from unknown brands with fake reviews. 

Nano hearing aids rated among the best

It is not difficult to see why Nano hearing aids have become so popular among millions of Americans with age-related hearing issues. They have a broad range of models to suit everyone’s hearing needs and they are all discreet, reliable, and easy to adjust. Reviewers also indicate that they are thrilled with the ease of purchasing them, they are affordable and Nano hearing aids offer excellent customer service.