5 Things to Pack as a Newly Smokefree Person Taking a Trip to Las Vegas

5 Things to Pack as a Newly Smokefree Person Taking a Trip to Las Vegas
Photo by Guido Coppa on Unsplash

Vegas is known as “Sin City” for a reason. If you’re looking for a den of debauchery 135 square miles wide, you’ve found it. As a newly smoke-free citizen, you’re probably concerned about being exposed (and therefore tempted) to smoke during your trip. While some casinos and other venues still have smoking areas, smoking in public places is largely banned in the state of Nevada

So, what kinds of things should you pack for your trip to Las Vegas? What things might help reduce the temptation and cravings you might still be experiencing? These five items will make your trip easier by reducing cravings, providing a distraction, or keeping you connected to like-minded people who can offer support. 

1. Nicotine Gum 

If you’re headed to Vegas, don’t forget your nicotine gum. Your cravings can become unbearable once you get around other smokers, and it’s difficult to say no to a room full of them. Your nicotine gum will help deliver nicotine to your brain, reducing those cravings and returning more of your self-control to you. 

Nicotine addiction is quite powerful, and a large number of freshly smoke free people will relapse when they get around smokers and smell the smoke. This reactivates the brain’s cravings for nicotine, and for the feel of a cigarette. 

Be sure to pack enough gum for your trip. The last thing you want is to be on the final day of the trip and relapse at the casino. You’ve made it this far; keep it up! 

2. Tobacco Free Chew 

Tobacco free pouches are a viable alternative to smoking, offering a rich and tasty experience without the harmful effects of tobacco. A single cigarette can contain thousands of chemicals, many of which are carcinogens, or cancer-causing. Getting as far away from these chemicals is about the best personal health decision you can make, but it’s not always that easy to just ditch nicotine. 

Tobacco free pouches do contain nicotine, so you won’t have to worry about experiencing any withdrawal symptoms during your trip. Since you’re not smoking, you should be able to use your dip in most public places as well. This gives you more options and a more discreet way to get your nicotine dose without lighting up. 

3. Something To Distract You

You’re most likely to want another cigarette when you’re around other smokers at the casino or other venue, but sitting alone in the hotel room (bored) is another route to relapse. It’s important that you pack plenty of entertainment to keep you busy and away from thoughts of smoking. 

Packing a book or ensuring you’ve got internet access is a good start. You can also utilize the hotel’s fitness facilities to keep your mind busy and keep endorphins flowing through your system. Physical exercise has been proven time and time again to be an excellent tool in the fight against nicotine addiction, and the fight to stay away from future nicotine use once you’ve quit. 

Exercise-based cessation programs have a greater chance of success, according to some studies. Exercise not only boosts your mood, but also increases physical health and may reduce dependency on chemicals like nicotine. 

4. Your Cessation App

You’re probably not going to forget your phone one your trip to Vegas, but it’s important to keep your cessation app installed well after you’ve quit smoking. Not only will the app help remind you of your progress, but it will also keep you connected to the community that helped you get so far, and might prevent you from relapsing. 

Cessation apps increase the likelihood that you’ll quit and stay away from tobacco. Once you’ve successfully ditched the habit, you can become a valuable asset to those in the middle of the cessation process. You’ll be able to offer advice via the app’s forums, and can connect with users who are struggling in their journey. 

This is a great way to stay on top of cravings while giving something back to the community. Don’t uninstall your cessation app as soon as you quit! Use it, post in it, and stay connected with the community to help encourage both yourself and others to stay true to cessation goals. 

5. Your CBD Oil or Capsules

CBD oils and capsules are now legal in all 50 states, and some evidence suggests they may even help curve cravings from addiction. CBD seems to block certain receptors in the brain, including nicotine receptors, and can help calm the anxiety that often causes non-smokers to relapse. 

CBD interacts with the body’s natural systems and is safe for daily use. Don’t forget to pack your oils or capsules for your trip to Vegas; you might just find that you need them now more than ever.