Marketing Experts From Jesstalk to Share Communication Secrets at Urban Chamber Virtual Breakfast Meeting

Marketing Experts From Jesstalk to Share Communication Secrets at Urban Chamber Virtual Breakfast Meeting

Southern Nevada marketing experts and success coaches Lisa and Jesse Ferrell will share secrets for business-unlocking communication on Aug. 26 at the Las Vegas Urban Chamber of Commerce’s Breakthrough Success Virtual Breakfast. 

The Ferrells, the 35-year marketing veterans leading Las Vegas-based speaking and coaching company JessTalk, will speak from 9 to 10 a.m. on the costs of poor communication. They’ll explain why subpar communication silently kills business and they’ll offer tips for speaking with authority, leadership and creativity. 

In their address, the Ferrells, who are both Urban Chamber members, will draw wisdom from their career experiences. Jesse rose from busboy to casino marketing’s executive ranks; he has run marketing departments for multibillion-dollar Strip hotel-casinos.

Lisa rose through broadcast television’s ranks into top positions and a high-six-figure income. The partners in business and life have mastered success through trial and error, without the benefit of social networking or internet information gathering.

Jesse Ferrell, JessTalk’s managing partner, now advises Fortune 500 leaders and entrepreneurs, sports professionals and businesspeople.

Lisa Ferrell, JessTalk’s vice president of sales and marketing, also runs LisaListen, a JessTalk division that helps inspire and empower women to improve the quality of their lives. 

New Yorker magazine writer and author Malcolm Gladwell once posited that a professional must spend 10,000 hours at a task to achieve mastery. By that measure, the Ferrells are coaching masters 10 times over, having spent an estimated 183,000 hours helping others reach breakthrough success. They’re certain that with the right tools, systems and support — outlined in their Breakthrough Success Plan — businesspeople can achieve success.

“It’s time for you to stop stressing,” the Ferrells say, “so you can start living again.” Visit to register for the Breakthrough Success Virtual Breakfast. Attendance is free. Visit for information on the Ferrells’ company and offerings.