CBD’s Entourage – A Mere Feeling Or A Medical Prodigy?

CBD’s Entourage - A Mere Feeling Or A Medical Prodigy?
Image by Erin Stone from Pixabay

Whether you’re a hemp enthusiast or you like to engage in new experiences all together, you must have caught a glimpse of the immense popularity gained by the CBD in recent years. From merely being a cannabis extract to becoming a worldwide phenomenon, CBD has been researched and studied consistently on an extended level and has provided promising prospects in the realms of medicinal marijuana and general wellbeing. 

Although in the recent finding, CBD has shown quite extraordinary effects it could impart to the human body, it was not always considered a miracle molecule it is today. Firstly, it was only intended to be used as an alternative to more known drugs back then only directed towards that “high” condition, but as time progressed and more research piled on, it was soon realized that CBD is actually much more than just a temporary engagement. 

The findings in recent studies have confirmed its various medical and health benefits which can be life-changing. With its non-intoxicating nature and binding affinity for the body receptors, it has shown to gather fulfilling results in the fields of medicine and health. The entourage that CBD provides to the human race is undoubtedly exceptional, working closely with its sub-components and terpenes to amplify our wellbeing.  

A brief introduction:

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound that is found in the flowers of the cannabis plant, also called hemp. The cannabis plant, having the richest of histories in medicinal discoveries, has provided over a hundred different chemicals or phytocannabinoids, out of which the CBD is one of the most recent and popular today. It is known to be non-addictive and not having the mind-altering feeling that other cannabis-derived compounds are known to possess.

The wonder molecule:

With the increasing trajectory in the field of medicine and health, more sophisticated and processing is being done in order to formulate appropriate drugs. This has also created a worldwide shift towards using more natural pharmaceuticals having less harsh side-effects. Medicine more in sync with the human body and causing little to no side-effects is what makes the CBD no shorter than a medical marvel of recent times. 

Through extensive research, CBD has shown to impart various benefits to the human body. It has shown to relieve nerve pain and inflammation. The role of these CBD and THC containing compounds in treating arthritis is also well known now. Anxiety and depression, which can lead to various dysfunctions and insomnia in humans, are also treated using CBD.it has been proved that CBD can be used in treating insomnia and anxiety in children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder also, without any after-effects. From treating cancer symptoms to having neuroprotective nature, CBD has made its impact all over the medical world. The multi-purposefulness of CBD is vivid when we look into some medical conditions it is currently being used in:

  • Neurogenesis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Metabolic conditions
  • Disorders of the gut
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Cardiovascular anomalies
  • Skin conditions

Pharmaceuticals and consumption:

The FDA approved and acknowledge the healing powers of CBD in 2018 and made the first-ever CBD drug, the Epidiolex. With a wide range of other consumption methods that are available, and the various medicals benefits and non-psychoactive nature, CBD has all its attention, popularity and buzz rested upon them. Vape, tinctures, and edibles are the most used methods for CBD now. You can Find best cbd gel capsules now at various online platforms now,  which is another reason why CBD has gained so much popularity.  

Our takeaway:

With the sudden and recent rise in the usage and popularity of hemp-derived products, it is sure enough that these compounds are making their way into the realm of medicine and becoming everyday staples. We can say, without any doubt, that these CBD products will become even more popular in the future. If you like to engage into that entourage effect and have some perspective about medicated marijuana, we believe CBD is the best “first-step” you can take.