How to Choose a Reliable ISP for Your New Address

How to Choose a Reliable ISP for Your New Address
Image by William Iven from Pixabay

Moving to a new place is exciting but this excitement is paired with little nightmares and settling for a reliable ISP is definitely one of them. Wise people would say you prepare in advance. The provider you previously subscribed to might not be available in the new residence. No worries, find all the tips here to transition to your new home without breaking your digital lifestyle.

First off, as soon as your new residence is confirmed, begin the search for an ISP right away. Stick to these tips for making a great decision:

Check the Availability 

Internet providers certainly serve customers nationwide but their services are not available in all zip codes. Suppose you want to continue with your existing Cox Internet plans, it would be really disappointing if it’s not available in your new location, right? Therefore, the right approach is to first check the options in your region. 

Also, the pricing varies from one area to another. Just because you found a great deal back at home doesn’t mean you will be able to carry it forward to a new region. The right approach is to do area-specific research to find an optimal package from the provider you admire.

Evaluate your Internet Habits 

After listing down the top ISPs that are also available in your new address, evaluate your Internet habits. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How many people will be living in the new house?
  • What will your Internet habits?
  • Would you browse more or do 4k streaming?
  • Would you prefer to bundle Internet service with TV and phone?

By answering these questions, you will be able to narrow down your options. 

Compare the Prices

Everyone’s got a budget. Pricing of the plans will let you narrow down your options even further. To find the best value for money, compare the cost, speed, and perks.

Apart from the monthly cost, do look into the installation charges, equipment fee, data caps, and surcharges. Many providers have bundled deals which include TV, Internet, and Phone services at a bargained price. This ends up costing less than buying each service separately. In case you have plans of getting cable TV service too, check if you can afford the bundled prices.   

Don’t forget to take into account the cancellation fee. Most providers make you sign a contract. If you want to terminate the services earlier, you might have to pay up to $200 (or more) early termination fee. 

Read That Fine Print 

Carefully read the policies of the Internet Service Provider you are planning to settle for. Providers focus on advertising the benefits of their service and special offers. They never highlight the hidden cost and other terms and conditions that come with the plan.

For instance, when you sign up for a provider, you get the service at an introductory price. After a year, the standard price kicks in. If you are not aware of this beforehand, you will receive a nasty surprise on your bill. 

In other words, make yourself familiar with all the terms and conditions before signing up with the service. 

Look into the Customer Support 

You will get a fair idea about the services of the provider at the time of calling them to inquire about their latest plans, pricing, and availability. But don’t just rely on that. Use your detective skills to find out more at the provider. In case you want to settle for Cox Internet plans, search online for “Cox customer service” to find more information on their support services.

Check online reviews and read what other subscribers have to say. There’s no way you will find all positive reviews about a provider. If you do, that’s a red flag. Similarly, if there are too many negative reviews, move on to the next provider on your list.  

Reliable providers always go the extra mile to offer support. Don’t mind checking out their social media handles as well. See how they respond to a negative comment or feedback and what reconciliation do they offer in exchange for a bad experience.  

Ask Your Neighbors

When in doubt, ask your neighbors. Find out which Internet service they are using. They can spill the tea and tell you the pros and cons which will help in making a decision. 


No doubt moving to a new city is one of the hardest things to do. Prioritize everything smartly and conduct advanced research to make your transit smoother. Follow our tips precisely to find a reliable Internet Service Provider in your zip code which you won’t regret later.