Interesting Instagram Updates in 2020

Interesting Instagram Updates in 2020
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms. A massive number of people are enjoying the perks of Instagram. With the increasing number of users, Instagram is coming up with various updates. From shop updates to ad formats, Instagram is updating. 

So, here are the new updates of Instagram 2020. 

·        New fonts

In April, Instagram announced that they are testing the new fonts. After that, they came up with four new types of fonts. Right now, Instagram has nine types of fonts. They introduced a font, which is almost identical to the letters of Comics Sans. Well, it is one of the few fonts, which is disability-friendly. 

·        Instagram Direct and Messenger are merging

Instagram is on the verge of another update. Messenger and Instagram Direct are joining forces. After a few days, there will be no paper airplane icon on the top right of Instagram. Instead of that, it will be INSERT d by the speech bubble and the lighting bolt. Various Instagram users received a popup message regarding this update. 

·        After the ban of TikTok, Instagram releases the Reels in India

Recently, India banned TikTok. Following that, Instagram came up with Reels. It allows the users to make a 15 seconds video along with the audio. Once TikTok went away, it gave a bigger opportunity to Instagram. Apart from India, there are three other countries that witnessed the launching of Reels. The other countries are Germany, Brazil, and France. One of the amazing features of Reels is that it will allow the users to double up their popularity to earn money. However, it doesn’t support direct monetization until now. 

·        With the help of QR code, you can open an Instagram account

It is one of the unique updates that Instagram came up with recently. Right now, with the help of any third-party camera apps, you can read the QR codes. Yet, you need to make certain that the third-party camera app is capable of scanning QR codes. The main purpose of this update is to improve the businesses. With this update, the users will be able to scan the code and explore the products according to their preferences. 

·        Pinned comments of Instagram

Instagram is changing its community standards. Apart from that, they are also addressing the issues related to bullying. And to address those issues, Instagram came up with this unique update. This update will allow the users to pin their comments on a specific point. Doing this will help the moderators to check those comments and take the necessary steps. Also, it will help the brands to convey the necessary news to their users if they pin down their comments. 

So, these are some of the recent updates of Instagram that you must know. You must know about these updates if you use Instagram for your business. Also, it will help you to fathom the best way to buy real followers on Instagram. Hence, go through these above-mentioned updates and come make the right decisions.